How To Keep Your Workforce Productive Amidst COVID-19?

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As we all know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is currently devastating the entire world. It has been officially categorized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus has already infected more than 1,00,000 people in multiple countries concurrently and is rising with the days.

Countries all over the world have declared travel bans, universities and schools shut down, large gatherings are prohibited, crowded places are banned to visit, historical places closed, airlines are halt.

Can you even imagine what is happening in the world right now? It’s extremely disturbing.

But what is affecting more is the workplaces.

IT world never stops. We believe whatever happens the show must go on.

And as a result, organizations worldwide have taken a step ahead and started Work From Home policy mandatory for all the employees to keep them safe and to ensure projects continue without glitches. Remote working is encouraged and taken seriously.

At Classic Informatics, we are taking strict measures to ensure our team members are healthy, collaborating effectively and working as they work at the office.

3 Ways To Keep Your Employees Productive While They Are Working From Home

It's not very difficult. All we need is some faith and a lot of patience. These tips will help you and your team pass through the tough time effectively. 

Equip Your Workforce With Tech And Productivity Tools

Help teams succeed while working remotely by providing tools to help them connected and at the same time productive. Some of the productivity tools include project management tracking apps such as Asana and AirtablE, messaging apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, tracking apps such as WebWork tracker, TimeDoctor and video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

These technologies and tools will help employees and managers to work together no matter where they are working from. It keeps them more productive and connected.

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Establish Daily Check-ins

Establishing a daily check-in to the portal is an important way to set task priorities and foster connections. Teleconferencing, Video calling, Zoom meetings and messaging apps like Slack help you to work seamlessly even at your home.

The check-ins should be done on a regular basis. It maintains regularity and increases the productivity of the remote workers.

Encourage Dedicated Workspaces

Some employees don't allocate dedicated workspaces at their homes. In that case, managers should encourage the creation of home offices for a better working environment. Some companies even offer large stipends to help workers create appropriate, productive spaces for remote work.

The separate workspaces help employees to stay away from the distractions from home.



No Matter What The Show Must Go On

We all have to cooperate and support each other in these hard times to keep ourselves safe. But as a dedicated employee, you should be productive towards your work. At the end of the day, maintaining normality is the key.

Together we fight, together we win!

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