October 17, 2014 READBY Reetam Das

In this fast-paced world, time is money. Nobody likes waiting. Not even for a web page to load. People avoid going back to those websites that are slow, especially when browsing through mobile. It even affects your conversion rate greatly. Yes, website’s loading speed is becoming increasingly important. And it isn’t just about the users. A slow loading website also suffers from low search engine rankings. Website speed is a crucial factor in ranking since search engines give a lot of importance to how fast your website is downloaded.

The issue of slow loading has especially been observed with websites that built on the WordPress platforms. Though the platform is pretty powerful but suffers from being slow. But thankfully, that can be corrected by taking correct precautions. And we are here to help. Here are a few simple tips you can follow that will drastically improve the loading speed of your WordPress website.

Theme: WordPress comes with numerous good looking themes. But don’t get carried away. Choose a theme that is not bulky. But the thing you can keep in mind while choosing a website theme is that it should not have images throughout the webpage. The focus should be to choose an optimized theme that loads fast on PCs, tablets and all mobile devices.

Plug-ins: Plug-ins are one of the first reasons you why you must have chosen the WordPress platform. But you don’t need every other plug-in on your website. Some of them may interfere with the server request and may result in a slow loading website.

File size: Your website requires you to upload a lot of images and other files. You can reduce the file size before uploading them to the website. One way to go about that is by consolidating CSS and JavaScripts. Another way is to compress the images before uploading them.

Content Delivery Network: Content delivery network can do wonders for your website speed issue since it brings visitors closer to the datacenter where files and data are stored. This dramatically speeds up the content delivery which ultimately results in a faster loading website. If you can get yourself to follow these tips you will see your website loading faster. And your visitors will definitely stick with you.

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