Understanding Digital Marketing Ecosystem for Enterprises

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According to a report by Econsultancy, every three in 10 companies outsource their display (28%) and paid search (30%) advertising initiatives to agencies.

Also, 62% of companies outsource their content marketing as per a report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).


Understanding Digital Marketing Ecosystem for Enterprises


This is proof that companies have started to realize the benefits of outsourcing digital marketing which is driving them to shift from doing the work in-house to outsourcing the work. Just like software and web development outsourcing, digital marketing outsourcing offers many benefits. 

But, what are the advantages of digital marketing outsourcing and how should one choose the right agency? Read on to find out.


1. Knowledge:

No one person can have all the knowledge.

To make a digital marketing team in the present day, you require graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, SEO specialists, project managers, and media buying experts as well as strategies and software for automated marketing.

You can easily optimize your website for search engines with various research tools, including keyword research tools, SEO rank tracking tools, keyword difficulty analysis tools, backlink analysis tools, and more. These tools can provide valuable insights into search engine rankings and help you adjust your website accordingly. Additionally, you can automate your SEO process, allowing you to keep track of your website's progress and make sure you stay ahead of the competition

But, by outsourcing digital marketing, you get all this as one team which is ready to work with you with minimal attention from your side.

You just need one in-house person who gets the team utilized and takes the digital marketing efforts to the web.


2. Expense:

It is costly to choose in-house personnel for digital marketing services as digital marketing needs digital tools. It is not just the MacBook that is expensive; the cloud-based software required to do the job is also expensive.

Besides this, the marketing team further requires the latest computer hardware, a robust file server on the cloud, a task management system, a reporting system, and a filing system which means that you require an IT support person to make it all work.

The costs of all this can run into the $10,000. Can you afford to spend that much?


3. Time:

Digital marketing needs a lot of time. It requires time to train employees in the latest software, for them to gain the important experience required and for them to successfully learn and implement the strategies.

So, are you ready to invest in that much time to train your people?

If you do not train your people in digital marketing, someone else will and they will soon leave your company.

Good digital people are often hired by smart digital marketing agencies which train them and give them higher pay.

So, if your in-house digital marketer is not being hired by another digital marketing company, then it is another thing to worry about.


4. Availability:

Availability of digital marketers is very important to run organizations efficiently.

What if your company’s digital marketer, who is the single point of contact, is unavailable or has gone on vacation? Or, in an awful scenario, what if he or she meets with an accident?

There goes your digital media. A bottleneck for your company is created by having a single point of failure in the processes.

Also, to implement social media is a tough task as it is a 24/7 lead generating powerhouse. The internet never sleeps and so an individual needs to be alert while using social media. New updates come up frequently and programs keep evolving to make the social media ecosystem go on and run smoothly.

It is thus important the digital marketer is available to keep an eye on the latest developments in the social media space and to be vigilant to the needs of the firm as and when required.


5. Philosophy:

If you are not considering outsourcing your digital marketing, then you can try in-house digital marketing for a specified period of time till you can afford it.

To know the costs, take the number you have in mind and multiply it by three or seven.

This is what the costs amount to when you are starting to outsource or even do in-house marketing.

You can then sit back and ask yourself whether it is really worth all the money? Do you need to spend that much for the type business that you have? Or is it worth more to focus on your core competencies?

You will definitely get the answer.


6. Reporting:

If you conduct digital marketing in-house, do you think your marketing manager is going to tell you the truth if your company is under performing?

Will you be able to understand the truth behind all the marketing jargon? Do you know about the statistics that you should be tracking?

It is often too late to find out if the marketing person is under performing until most of the damage has already been done.

So, this brief list sums up the advantages of rather outsourcing your digital marketing efforts than to follow an in-house approach. If something is not the core part of your business, you should definitely think of outsourcing it to benefit more.

Thus, when do you plan to outsource your digital marketing initiatives? Do you have any questions?


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