Web Development Trends - 2014

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Web development is an ever-changing practice. Web development started as a simple HTML page by typing in code for each individual page. Today we hear about terms like custom web development. The technology never stops evolving and there are new trends that come by. It’s the same with web development. Let’s take a look at the top web development trends in 2014.

  • Single Page Website Single Page Website is the newest trend in the web development industry. Single Page Websites give you the liberty to view all the content on just one page by just vertically scrolling up and down. This works really well on mobile phones. One of the benefits of having such a website is that the user can process the information given more easily without being interrupted for switching to any other page.
  • Responsive Design You must be thinking that how something that has been there for quite a few years will become a trend now. You are absolutely right. Responsive Web Design will not be a trend anymore. It will become implied in web design. The PC usage is at its lowest with every body busy with their mobile and other hand-held devices. Under such circumstances, responsive web design is the only thing that makes sense.
  • Rise in JavaScript Development JavaScript will see a dramatic increase in the usage for web development this year. You ask for reasons, right? The developer does not have to go and learn a totally different language to develop an application, deployment is a whole lot easier and it does all this without compromising on the custom web development needs of the clients.
  • Front-end Framework A collection of production ready HTML / CSS / JavaScript components is the first choice of web designers these days. The newest development in this area is the front-end development stack. This comes with a front-end framework of your choice (Bootstrap is already booming), a testing server, and a task-runner. Front-end framework stack has better dependency management, enables seamless integration with any platform and easy deployment.
  • SaaS Product Development Start-ups and ISVs these days prefer using SaaS applications. The reason being these services are free up to a certain amount of usage. After you have used it to the allowed free usage capacity, the users are supposed to pay a monthly fee which is easily manageable by start-ups and ISVs. Not only this, but even big established businesses are migrating their legacy application to the cloud. This trend is here to stay.
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Reetam Das

Written by Reetam Das

Reetam heads the digital marketing team at Classic Informatics, a global web development company. He is passionate about technology, software products and marketing. He has spent nearly a decade helping businesses across globe deliver uncanny customer & user experiences, market faster and growth-hack effectively. He is an avid reader and a writer and shares insights based on experience that readers can actually put to use.

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