Enabled Banking Transformation by Providing Advanced Systems for Multiple Financial Operations .

We built digital banking applications to transform banking operations for leading financial institutions.

FinTech Challenges we Solved

Classic Informatics is the best in BFSI capabilities and has helped many of its financial clients. From building & maintaining secure & highly scalable e-banking solutions, our BFSI solutions have helped vendors develop & automate the financial system with new-age technologies. But why take our word for it? Instead, we decided to introduce you to two of our happy customers and show you exactly how Classic Informatics has helped them in life. Read on to learn about the life challenges they faced and the benefits of the solutions we provided.

Key Challenges: Standard Charted Bank
  • Manual Processes and Inefficiencies
  • Limited Transparency and Security Concerns
  • Integration Complexity and Limited Interoperability
  • Scalability
Key Challenges: Financial Institutional in Africa
  • Needed integrated digital financial solutions to increase financial inclusion
  • An efficient Digital Payment Solutions
  • Need innovative insurance management solutions



Partnership goal

To build advanced systems for multiple financial operations payment method for centralized financial records, claims management, tax collection, insurance claims, and process management software solutions.


Standard Chartered Bank wanted to enhance its banking operation in Africa through an automated process. Their business requirements included:

  • To automate the banking process for property tax payments, and lower operational costs
  • To create a secure payment collection method for handling sensitive data
  • To digitalize and centralize financial records

Another major financial institution wanted to transform its account opening process through digital transformation. Their business requirements included:

  • To develop a digital solution to increase financial inclusion
  • To develop an application that provides customization options
  • To enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction


Standard Chartered Bank: In a groundbreaking collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank, Classic Informatics embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its banking operations. We developed applications to:

  • Collect (Secure & Seamless payments and automated collections for businesses
  • eRegistry (Digitized and centralized financial records)
  • ITAS (Streamlining Tax Collection & Assessment)

Financial Institutional in Africa: Collaborating with a major financial institution, we revolutionized digital financial transactions & fostered financial inclusion in West Africa by building:

  • Application for Digital Payments
  • Application for Streamlining Invoice Management
  • Application for Smooth Insurance Solutions


Our Involvement

Streamlining and enhancing banking operations and empowering financial institutions with modern applications

Streamlined the banking operations for Standard Chartered Bank & An African Financial Leader

Tax Assessment, Payment System, And Registry Management System

Classic Informatics developed this digital payment application, in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank, designed to revolutionize property tax and business license payments along with ITAS, a strategic initiative aimed at reducing costs and streamlining tax assessment reporting.

Payment Gateway Integration: Enabled with secure and swift transactions with leading payment gateways

We offered tailored services to the financial institution including building an Admin Dashboard for Analytics, Real-time Data Retrieval, Integration with Government Systems, Digital Signatures Management, Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), and Streamlining Invoice Management & Innovative Insurance Solutions.

Transforming Digital Payments, Streamlining Invoice Management & Innovative Insurance Solution 

We also built a digital payment application, invoice management application, and an insurance processing platform for a major financial institution in Africa. This included a number of tasks including bank account processing, payment processing, fund transfer, invoice creation/delivery, automated billing, customizable invoicing, digital policy management, efficient claims processing, and personalized insurance offerings. 

Key Focus Areas

Banking service
  • Digital Banking Solutions
  • Tax Assessment
  • Banking Process Automation 
Insurance service
  • Insurance Product Management
  • Claims Management Solutions
  • Risk Assessment
Accounting & Investment
  • Mortgage Solutions
  • Strategic Investment Analytics
  • Wealth Management Solutions
Our Offerings

Classic Informatics Delivers Tailor Solutions for BFSI companies

Need to streamline and seamlessly manage bank accounts digitally?

We offer comprehensive digital and other mortgage and management software solutions, in digital banking platforms to help companies with:

  • Consumer Banking
  • Accounts Management
  • Bills Payment
  • Loan Management
  • Loyalty and Rewards
  • e-Wallets
  • Digital Banking
  • Mortgage management solutions

Looking to empower your insurance services and streamline your claims management software?

We at Classic Informatics offer complete insurance products, digital payments solutions, a risk assessment system and a claims management software, an insurance processing platform, insurance claims management software, and risk solutions with:

  • Insurance & Policies Management
  • Membership Management
  • Claims Management
  • Case Management
  • Risk-auditing

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