A new Korn Ferry study indicates that by 2030, there will be a human talent shortage of over 85 million people, which could cost $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenues for industries across the globe. This tech talent shortage, if left unchecked, will become the biggest issue for major global industries.

As per the study, Russia is expected to face a deficit of 6 million people, 12 million for China, 18 million for Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia combined. The US alone could face a shortage of 6 million workers, leading to losses worth $162 billion in revenue. 

Amid this talent crunch, the study also pointed out that India, with 1 million surplus high-skilled tech workers by 2030, could become the next tech leader. With over 1 million engineering graduates churned from over 3500 IT institutes in India, this study seems to have a valid point. 

Technology, being the lynchpin in most organizations, will usher tech HRs to India to overcome the global tech talent crunch. However, that poses yet another challenge. 

A study by KPMG revealed that 65% of tech leaders consider the hiring challenge the biggest challenge in the industry. So, how does one hire remote developers from India

This guide answers the question. 

It will not just tackle all the challenges that businesses face while hiring remote developers from India but also provide them with some proven tips to hire the best. 

Let's start with an understanding of remote developers and who they are.   

Who Are Remote Developers?

The first question to answer before moving ahead with the guide is - who are remote developers?

In simplest terms, remote developers are dedicated developers who are working from a remote location. They are the same as in-house developers and work for you on your project but as an outsourced resource. The only difference is that they are not in the same location as yours and you need not provide them with all the added benefits that you would provide an in-house resource. They could be working in your nearby country or an offshore location. However, they would be working on the same project alongside your in-house team. 

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But even when hiring these outsourced developers, there can be different types of engagements that you can get into. Let’s find out in the following chapter.

Remote Developer Types

As the world entered into a new way of working since the COVID pandemic in 2020, remote working became the norm

A common misconception that one might have after hearing the term remote developers is that these are in-house developers that are working remotely. So, let’s first clear that out. 

In this guide, we are particularly talking about remote developers that you hire from an outsourcing company located in a foreign country, in this guide, India.

We are not going to discuss your in-house developers that are currently working remotely. Instead, we are going to talk about dedicated developers that work on hourly, monthly, or project-basis for your organization. 

So, before getting started, we need to know how they work for your project. 

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Dedicated Developers

Most startups, enterprises, product companies, and even digital agencies look for full-time developers that can work remotely on their project. This type of partnership or hiring of remote developers is for dedicated developers. 

hiring remote developers India dedicated devs

As the phrase says, dedicated developers are those remote developers who work dedicatedly on your project. They can be bound by outsourcing contracts or other obligations for a certain period of time - hours, days, or months.  This type of contract binds the developers to work solely with you for the number of hours, days, months selected. 

You have complete control over the developer’s work and can ask them to undertake even any task or coding requirement from a time-to-time basis. Some benefits of hiring dedicated developers are:

  • Direct engagement

  • Adapt to your process

  • Exclusive working

  • Project manager to monitor work

  • Maximum security

  • 100% commitment to the project


For more minor project requirements, companies prefer hiring freelancers. These requirements are precise, and one knows what the exact requirements are. They work on different projects simultaneously and come with a more extensive and more varied skill set. 

hiring remote developers India-Freelancer

There are several credible platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc., for you to hire freelancers from India for your project. Know that you need to offer flexibility to the freelancer to work at their pace and get the project delivered. Some benefits of hiring freelancers are:

  • Affordable

  • Faster access to talent

  • Broad-spectrum of tech expertise

  • Costs for the specific requirements

  • Easy hiring

Developers As Extension To In-House

The next common way to hire remote developers is as an extension to the in-house teams. This type of remote hiring is done when a company has a full-fledged in-house development team but has a technology gap that cannot be filled within their region. 

You might need a technology expert or have a technology gap to plug. In such a scenario, you hire remote developers that act as an extension to your in-house team. You hold daily scrums with them; they collaborate with the existing team and offer their expertise in the project. You can hire them for that particular project. 

  • Complete collaboration

  • Plug technology gap

  • Expertise in the core area

  • Tech exerts in lower price

  • Access to global talent to complete in-house team

Hybrid Working

Remote working, when clubbed with the apprehension to work with offshore developers without any face-to-face contact, led to the formation of a new form of working - hybrid working. In such cases, companies with a tech requirement look for IT outsourcing companies in India with branch offices in their particular region. They have a meeting with the accounts manager or the business person sitting at the regional office. Once they are satisfied with what the company is offering, they hire a developer from them. 

hiring remote developers India-Hybrid

This type of engagement in hiring remote developers means they have a person they can contact if they need an in-person meeting. But, simultaneously, they also get to hire the best technology expert who is sitting and working in an IT outsourcing company’s office in India. The benefits of hiring remote developers from India in a hybrid engagement are:

  • Cost-effective

  • Tech experts from an offshore country

  • A local business person for transparent collaboration

  • Better engagement

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IT Staff Augmentation

Another way to fulfill remote developer requirements is through IT staff augmentation. One can get in touch with companies offering IT Staff augmentation services and fill their technology gap. There are traditional staffing providers, small staffing agencies, and recruitment agencies that provide staff augmentation. 

However, there could be a lack of dedication or excitement towards the project due to the engagement model. Even for long-term relationships, retaining the IT augmented staff could be costly. But it does offer some benefits as well. These are:

  • Cost savings

  • Expertise in technology

  • Flexibility

How Remote Developers Are Different from Freelancers

Many people raise questions about the difference between hiring remote developers and hiring freelancers. There are even questions if freelancers can be considered remote developers or not. However, there is a stark difference between hiring remote developers from an outsourcing agency and hiring freelancers. What are those differences? Let’s find out. 

  • Remote developers can act as your in-house team or an extension depending on the engagement or extent of collaboration you need. Freelancers, on the other hand, will not be able to commit totally to just one project. They usually work on different projects simultaneously. 

  • Hiring remote developers from a trusted firm means you get a signed non-disclosure agreement from the company, leading to increased security. On the other hand, freelancers are independent individuals with whom matters of security lay on your shoulder. 

  • Remote developers are completely dedicated to providing the utmost quality content that matches the client’s requirements. Freelancers, on the other hand, do not take much responsibility once they have delivered the code. 

  • Remote developers from India work on the specified time during which you can collaborate with them to discuss requirements and progress. Freelancers have no fixed time and work as per their schedule/routine. 



Remote Developers

Hiring Cost

Lower cost

Higher hiring cost

Commitment To Project

Not too committed owing to several projects

Greater commitment as they can be hired as dedicated developers 


Not easy to manage freelancers and track work progress

Easier to track progress of work and manage the remote developers


Higher risk of project abandonment

Lower risk of project abandonment

Ease of Hiring

Several hiring platforms 

Can be hired via offshore IT companies 


Why Indian Developers?

India is a growing IT hub. The IT services sector recorded a CAGR growth of 11.37% between 2013-18 when the revenue grew from INR 72,721.6 billion in 2013-14 to INR 1,13,600 billion in 2017-18. Export of IT services has undoubtedly been the top contributor here. There are thousands of software development companies in India that are offering IT services to clients abroad. 

And the majority of these IT companies are not just limiting themselves to offering end-to-end product development. They also provide remote developers on hire for hourly, monthly, and even long-term contracts. As a result, remote developers from India are not just expertise-holders but also have a proven record of delivering quality. 

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Save Costs 

Outsourcing can save money for all types of firms. And when you decide to hire remote developers from India, there is a huge price gap that you can see between what the developers in the US, UK, or other countries charge per hour and what Indian developers take. The cost factor is, in fact, one of the most prominent reasons compelling so many companies to hire developers or outsource to India. 

Here is a cost comparison table as shared by Clutch. 


Here, you can easily see that even mid-level developers in the United States charge anywhere between $132 and $140 per hour. On the contrary, when you hire developers from India, a mid-level developer would cost around $25-$30 per hour. This would save about $100 per hour from your developer cost. 

India, being a developing country, offers developers at a much lower cost. You can get even senior developers, project managers, graphic designers, and all others required for your software development or technology needs at a much lower cost. 

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Apart from that, there are several other costs that you can save on hiring offshore developers. If you hire in-house talent, you have to pay them added benefits, paid leaves, compensation, and much more. All of this is saved when you hire remote developers. 

Get Faster Development

Time is of the essence when it comes to launching something new. Mounting competition has created pressure to build a product faster. Hiring local talent could increase the time to market. You might have to set up a complete in-house team, build the IT infrastructure, and even spend time training the developer. 

Hiring remote developers saves time. You hire them for particular hours and describe the task that is to be done. Most companies get contracts signed before initializing the task. They work for the particular tasks assigned to them for the paid hours. This ensures that the development is done faster without any wastage of time. 

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In addition, in-house developers might get distracted by other smaller tasks in the office, which might extend the development process. Remote developers dedicatedly work on a single project, which saves a lot of time. 

Favorable Time-zone

Another great advantage of hiring developers from India is that you can take advantage of the time zone. There is an approximate difference of 9.5 hours in the Indian and East coast timing and is 12.5 hours ahead of the West coast. This gap can be proactively used to get round-the-clock development work done.


You have an in-house team that works in your time zone. When they take off from work, the remote developers in India get started with your work. This ensures that you get round-the-clock work on your project. 

Moreover, you can even have an overlapping gap where you can collaborate with the remote developers, communicate your requirements or even hold meetings to monitor progress. 

Access To Unlimited Talent 

Many people say that outsourcing is synonymous with India. Indeed, India could be called the hub for offshore development - be it for building teams, outsourcing product development, or hiring remote developers. And one of the main reasons behind that is the unlimited talent pool. 

India has the second-largest population in the world, out of which 67% would fall in the 15-64 age group by 2025. To be more precise in terms of software development and engineering, each year, India produces over one million engineering graduates from over 3500 engineering colleges, the highest in the world. In fact, Statista states that over 880.35 thousand students are enrolled in Computer Science Engineering in the year 2021. 

No wonder you get unlimited talent when you decide to hire remote developers from India. You will be spoilt for choice if you choose to hire developers from India. There are thousands of companies to choose from, in addition to the many independent developers present in India. 

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High-Quality Standards

Most of the companies planning to hire offshore developers hesitate as they feel it might hamper their productivity. However, the standards of working and quality are pretty high in India. There are government guidelines as well that bind the company to offer quality in terms of codes and other things. 

There is huge competition in India owing to the large number of software developers working in the IT sector. They know that clients have a lot of choices and can easily cancel the contract and put them off the project if quality expectations are not met. This makes the developers more focused on delivering quality. 

In fact, when it comes to outsourcing contracts, most clients’ CTOs include a quality clause in the contract itself. The payment depends on the quality of work done. This encourages them further to deliver at par with the quality expectations. 

Indian software development companies adhere to global standards of quality. The majority of the companies have quality certifications like Capability Maturity Model (CMM), International Standards Organization (ISO 9000), Six Sigma Quality Certification, Total Quality Management (TQM), and Customer operations performance centre (COPC). 

When you hire remote developers from offshore development companies, you also get the benefit of having a project manager and delivery manager continuously monitoring the work. The quality of work delivered by their developers affects the company’s reputation in the market, and they make sure it exceeds the client’s expectations.

Export-Friendly Government Policies

The government of India ensures that more business is brought into the country from foreign lands. Hence, it has announced several policies and acts to promote foreign trade, be it in the form of product development outsourcing or hiring developers. From the IT Act 2000, the Specific Relief Act  1963, the Indian Contract Act 1972, to the Foreign Exchange Regulation, and much more, the Indian government has some great acts and policies for those planning to hire from India. 

hire remote developers in india 11-IMG-Infographic (1)

Ease In Communication

India ranks second in terms of countries with the largest English-speaking population. There are millions of Indians that speak English, and with this language becoming the first medium of communication in most schools and colleges, the communication gap is all set to diminish. 

You can expect developers from India to speak fluently in English and discuss your project requirements as and when required. 

In fact, over 194 million Indians speak English, and 3.1 million IT graduates pass out from engineering institutes each year. All of these are majorly English-speaking professionals. One can be rest assured to have easy and seamless communication with the remote developers. 

When hiring developers from Indian offshore companies, one can rest assured that they will get developers who have been scrutinized for their communication skills. This helps eliminate the communication barrier even more. 

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Flexibility To Scale

As India boasts of a vast talent pool, there is no shortage of developers. You will always have the flexibility to add as many developers to your team as you require. When you choose an offshore IT company to hire your remote developers from, this flexibility only increases. 

They have a number of developers with different experiences and expertise. You can easily hire as many developers from them or scale down your team as required. 

Extensive Technical Expertise

Another benefit of hiring remote developers from India is that there is extensive technical expertise available here. Whether you need someone who is an expert in some latest programming language or want a person with certification in AI, data science, ML, blockchain, or any new technology, you can find one here. In fact, the majority of the prestigious IT institutes in India like the IITs, IIITs, and others are also offering certificate courses and diploma courses in new technologies like data sciences, AI, etc. 

Focus On Business Goals

For startups and mid-sized companies with a handful of members, any new project could add a huge strain on the in-house team. This might deter them from focusing on their business goals and the company’s vision. By hiring remote developers from an Indian software development company, you can rest assured that they will offer you much more than just developers. You will get assistance in improving your product while plugging the required technology gap. 

Some Stats To Prove Why India Is Best For IT Outsourcing

We just discussed some of the top reasons why you should hire remote developers from India. But that’s not all. There are several statistics that have proven time and again that India is a preferred location for hiring outsourced talent. Here are some stats that prove the same:

  • Each year, over one million students graduate from Indian engineering colleges. 

  • 2020 studies show that over 4.5 million workforces of India are employed in the IT sector

  • As per the 2017 Asia Pacific Occupier Survey Report, over 80% of the Indian outsourcing companies are planning to increase their headcount. 

  • By 2022, 40% of the Indian workforce is expected to enhance their skills and contribute to the development process. 

  • India has the second-largest English-speaking population globally, which ensures that there is no communication barrier. 

  • C SharpCorner report even states that India is expected to have the most software developers, exceeding the United States, by 2023. 

hire remote developers in india


Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring

Hiring remote developers could be a challenge for many. However, if you are aware of all the things that you need to keep in mind, hiring remote developers would become excessively easy. All you need is to stay alert and focus on the hiring process. 

Here are some of the things you can check in the developer or the company you hire remote developers from to make things easier. 

Experience as Remote Worker

While experience in the development field is essential, this is not the only experience one should look out for when hiring remote developers. 

A developer’s experience with remote working is an important thing that anyone planning to hire one should look for. Not everyone is able to work with an offshore team. They need to have a manager in their physical location, supervising their work and assisting them in case of any issue during development. 

hire remote developers in india 19-IMG-Experience

There is always the option to question the developers beforehand regarding their experience with remote working. While conducting the interview, you can ask them about their way of working with remote teams or how they collaborate. This would even help you analyze if the remote developer were able to adapt your company’s work ethics and culture. 

Another way to ensure that experience in remote working doesn’t affect the hiring is to hire from digital agencies or offshore software development companies. These companies have handpicked senior, mid-level, and junior developers who can assist in getting you the best remote developer in India. 

They have project managers guiding and monitoring the work of each developer, whether they are working on a dedicated project or not. The managers ensure quality and compliances. Moreover, if you are hiring more than one developer from the company, you can have the arrangement to assign the project managers as the point of contact and discuss each requirement, progress, etc., with them. This ensures that you pay the price of hiring a remote developer without worrying about managing them. Additionally, you always have the freedom to choose the extent of control you have over the remote developers. 

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Working Hours & Time Difference

Another factor to keep in mind when hiring remote developers from India is the time difference and their working hours. There are several countries in India that offer time-zone flexibility, i.e., they are ready to adapt to your time zone. This means that if you need a developer to work alongside your in-house team, asking for time-zone flexibility could be a great option. 

Contrary to that, there are software development companies in India that do not offer time-zone flexibility. However, there’s a great advantage that you can clasp if you choose a developer who does not work in your time zone. You get a complete 24x7 working period. While your in-house team works in a specific time zone, the remote developers from India get started once they sign off. This means the development work of your product never stops. 

hire remote developers in india 18-IMG-Day-NightWorking

You can choose a bracket, either in the morning or during the evening, which overlaps with the remote developers to discuss the process, track development, and even share views through video calls or telephonic discussion. 

However, it is imperative that you keep this time difference and gap or overlap in working hours in mind while looking for remote developers in India. 

Skills To Look Out In Remote Developers

There are several skills that make great remote developers. While hiring one, you should never compromise on the skill set you are looking for. Moreover, you need to consider some important skills, which include both soft skills and technical skills. Let’s have a look at the most important skills to look for in remote developers. 

#1. Specific Programming Skill

This is the first thing that anyone hiring remote developers has is their knowledge in specific programming skills. They should be technology experts and have a love for trying out new things and being updated with the tech trends. This will help you get devs who love what they do and have the required technical skills to undertake any project with ease. 

#2. Great Communication Skills

It is imperative that the remote developer you hire has impeccable communication skills. Otherwise, with the long distance between the two, it might get difficult to express requirements and convey feelings. 

They should be confident in communicating with the project managers or the client. They should also be able to properly report the progress, issues, or any other requirements to the stakeholders. 

#3. Self-Driven & Motivated

As remote developers are usually working away from the client’s physical location, there will be no particular head supervising them on the ground level. This is why it is important that you make sure to hire self-driven developers as a part of your remote development team. 

They should be proactive and enterprising in nature with a vision for the future and eager to move ahead and present their idea for improvements in the project. 

#4. Time Management

In addition to being a self-driven or motivated individual, time management is yet another skill that remote developers need to have. While remote working ensures flexibility in time, there is a responsibility that comes along with it. Remote developers should be able to manage their time in a way that they are able to focus on work while enjoying the time flexibility. If the remote developer you hire isn’t able to manage time well, 

#5. Transparency

A big issue in remote development is when remote developers start hoarding information with them instead of sharing it with others. This is where the quality of selflessness or transparency comes in. They should be selfless in the fact that they are eager to share the knowledge that they’ve gained with the other members of the team. 

#6. Problem Solver

Another skill that one should look for is the ability to solve problems. When hiring remote developers, this is an important skill to look for. They should possess the skill to quickly take action without wasting any time waiting for you to answer. This will save time. They should have the knowledge and the knack to find solutions without sitting around for someone to come and assist them. 

#7. Interpersonal Skills

This is important for companies that are more worried about upholding their company culture despite hiring a remote team. With interpersonal skills, developers will be able to bond better with the other members without meeting them face-to-face. 


Costs or budget is one of the biggest factors that compel businesses to hire remote developers from India instead of building an in-house team. So, it is imperative that you keep the cost of hiring remote developers from India in mind when making the decision. Let’s understand the costs involved and how much you can save or pay when hiring remote developers for your project. 

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There is a growing difference between the per hour charge of developers in different regions across the globe. Here is a tabulated rate chart of remote developers in different regions:


As you can see in the image, the costs of remote developers vary as their region moves from one part to another. While you find developers in Asian countries for as much as $15-$30, the price for hiring developers in other western countries could go over $100 very easily. This difference in charges asked by developers leads us to an important conclusion - the rate or fees of remote developers should be an important factor during the consideration phase. 

You need to analyze the costs of hiring remote developers from India before you come to a conclusion. While lower rates such as $2 per hour or $10 per hour (which are quite common to attract more clients) might attract you, you need to be wary that you might have to compromise with the quality at such low costs. 

When you are hiring developers from India, the hourly rate could be anywhere between $15-$30. However, this may vary based on several factors like:

  • Technology or specific skills you are looking for

  • Experience in the industry

  • Type of engagement you are looking for

hire remote developers in india costf

While hiring remote developers from India, ensure that you are paying them for what they bring to the table and not their region. Make sure there are no hidden costs in the outsourcing contract. Moreover, choose a software development company that offers a standardized price for remote developers. This way, you can ensure transparency. 

Based On Company Size

When it comes to hiring remote developers from India or from any other country in general, the requirements or things to keep in mind may change depending on the size of your organization and the in-house team. As the size of the company starts increasing, the way one scrutinizes remote workers and the skills they look for in them also change. 


Startups usually go for hiring remote developers from India as it fits their budget constraints and also accelerates their product launch. However, there are some questions that startups need to answer before they get started with finding their remote developer. 

Do you have a technical co-founder or a CTO?

If you have one, you need not put in a lot of effort in hiring a remote developer from India. The technical co-founder or the CTO can analyze the complete requirements for the role and start hiring. If you don’t have one, you need to hire a technical co-founder, CTO, or a technology partner first before starting to hire remote developers.

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The web development companies in India can also help with the development part owing to their experience as technology partners. In many circumstances, you might even get a project manager (PM) along with the developers that you hire. If not, there is also always the option to request one from the offshore software development company you join hands with. 

Do you have any technical experts on your team?

The answer to this question will help determine if you need to hire senior-level developers or mid-level and junior developers. If you have technical experts, a mix of junior and mid-level developers will be great for building the product. Moreover, the experts can handle the main part of the development while the remote developers can work on the coding part. 

Is there a time constraint on your product launch?

If you are running short on time, hiring a developer from India would be a good way to accelerate the development. You can get in touch with the offshore development companies or agencies in India to hire fast. There are several software development companies in India that can help with hiring remote developers faster. 

What is the development budget or the funding received?

Your budget determines the type of developers you hire for your project. You can hire dedicated developers if the budget allows, as that might cost around $25-$30 per hour. However, if the budget is still tight, one can always go for freelancers. 

hire remote developers in india 13-IMG-Programmer

How much relevance does quality hold in your development?

The next question that startups should ask themselves is regarding the expected quality in terms of development. You need to find senior developers who can work on framing the requirements in terms of quality.  


The next in line are small and medium-sized companies. These are those companies that have a strength of around 100-500 people. These could be product companies, product agencies, or even independent firms looking to build their own products. Different types of medium-sized companies have different requirements when it comes to hiring remote developers.

#1. As Product Companies

This is where you have a product idea and need to hire developers to turn the idea into a functioning reality. You might need to accelerate the product delivery, acquire expertise, reduce product cost, or improve the product design/boost capabilities; hiring remote developers can be the ultimate cost-effective solution. 

In such cases, you need to analyze the in-house talent and how much time they can spare for the product development work. You don’t want to overwork and exert the in-house team. So you need to hire dedicated developers or technology experts to work along with your in-house team as an extension. They will work as an extension to your in-house team and assist in development. 

#2. As Digital Agencies

This is where the firms are similar to the ones providing remote developers in India. Here, you have complete teams of developers, technology experts, and others available for your clients to hire. However, you need extra developers as there is a new project which requires a particular technology or more developers than those available in your team currently. It could be a bulk delivery, tech shortage, or faster delivery of the client project that can encourage a digital agency to hire remote developers. 

You hire dedicated developers from India and get them to work on your client project. This way, you are able to fulfill your client’s requirements without compromising on the quality of work. Whether you have a short-term or a long-term tech requirement, hiring developers from India can help fulfill it. 

hire remote developers in india 14-IMG-SmbsWorking

#3. As Individual Firms

If you have a product idea or want to launch a new product, hire remote developers from India or build complete remote teams. You could be from the healthcare industry, FinTech, government, marketing, logistics, technology, or any other industry. Hiring remote developers could be a great way to get started with the development. 

Most of such firms do not have the required tech talent in-house and hire remote tech teams or individual developers. You need to analyze the current positions in the organization and look for the best fit to plug the technology gap. 


You might already have an IT department in your organization, but your team might be lacking the tech expertise. You need strategic experts to guide your digital transformation initiatives. 

For a large conglomerate looking to digitalize its legacy apps, hiring single app developers would not suffice. They would usually need deep technical insights to modernize and maintain their legacy apps.

Hiring Process

Depending on the organization size, cost, requirements, and other factors, you can now get started to hire remote developers from India. 

Step 1. Create A Job Description

This is the first step for any kind of hiring or purchase. You first start with putting down your requirements. Without a well-thought list of requirements, you might end up confused and overwhelmed. There are certain things that this job description must include. These are:

  • Technical skills: This is one of the most important skills when it comes to hiring remote developers. Most companies seek help from remote developers when they are unable to find the required talent within their region. Make sure to mention the technical skills like programming languages, frameworks, front-end/back-end/full-stack, etc. 

  • Qualifications: Different companies have different policies when it comes to looking for the qualification of developers. Whether you are looking for graduates, masters, or certified developers, make sure to mention it all in the job description. 

  • Technology Specialization: To plug the technology gap, make sure that you are hiring technology professionals. This is why you must mention the technology specialization in the job description. 

  • Experience: Depending on your requirements, make sure to mention the experience that you are looking for. It could be a year, two years, five years, or even a fresher. You need to analyze your requirements, the complexity of the project, and the seniority of the current team members to quickly check the experience you need. It would also help filter out the candidates based on their expertise. 

  • Tools Used: Things could become a lot easier when you hire remote developers working on the same tools as your company. You can always add this section to our job description. This would include a list of tools, platforms, etc., that you generally use. In addition to that, you can also write whether you need expertise or basic level knowledge in that particular tool. 

  • Working Methodology: The difference in working culture poses a considerable challenge when it comes to hiring remote workers. However, you can overcome this to a certain extent by ensuring that you choose someone who has the same working methodology as you. If you follow the agile methodology, hiring someone with the same would be great. Tension in work will ensue if you are an agile practitioner while your remote developers follow the waterfall methodology or any other way of working.

  • Charges: The next important thing to keep in mind is the charges. You need to ensure that you create a job description that clearly mentions how much you are willing to offer per hour. 

hire remote developers in india 01-IMG-JobDescriptionChecklist

Once you have listed down all these requirements, it is time to start searching. This job description would help put forth your requirements and speed up the job posting. 

Step 2. Start Searching 

This is where you start searching for remote developers. There are several platforms where you can easily post your requirement to elicit a response from them. Apart from that, there are several directories where you can find Indian companies offering remote developers for hire. Apart from that, you can also look at different platforms to find your ideal tech expert from India to fill the gap. 

  • Post Applications: In  India, there are several job portals where one can post their job applications for developers to directly apply. 

  • Update Your Career Page: Another way to attract applications for your remote developer requirements is to update the same on your career page. Ensure that the posting includes the complete job description.  Share the same in your organization and even promote the openings on portals like LinkedIn to attract more applications from remote developers from India. 

hire remote developers in india 06-IMG-CompanyCareer

  • Consult IT Companies: There are several IT companies in India that you can find on directories like Clutch, Goodfirms, etc. You can get in touch with them and approach them to get remote developers. 

  • Look On Various Platforms: There are several platforms like Upwork, WeWorkRemotely, etc., where you can find remote developers from India. Just start with the search, add keywords, filter out based on experience, country, etc., and you will get a list of the best developers from India. 

  • Social Media: Another great way to get more applications for your developer requirement is to share them on social media. Be it the company’s social media profiles or your personal network, you can find more applicants for your position via social media. 

Step 3. Scan Resumes & Shortlist

Now that you have received applications or have gotten from different portals, it’s time to start the selection process. This is where you start with scrutinizing the applications, candidate resumes and shortlist the ones that seem the fittest for the job. 

hire remote developers in india 02-IMG-ATS

You need to start scanning all the resumes and shortlisting them based on certain criteria. These criteria could be based on technical skills, experiences, remote work experience, working hours, and other factors. You can even use software like ATS to scan through the resumes and then move to the next step. 

Step 4. Hold Virtual Interviews

Once you have shortlisted the list of candidates fit for your development work, it’s time to start conducting interviews. It should be the same as hiring an in-house member. You need to scrutinize the applicant thoroughly to make sure that you have found the right fit. You can hold a virtual interview on video call after a telephonic interview round. There are some specific questions that you must ask the remote developers from India before finalizing them. 

  • How many years of remote working experience do you have?

  • What communication/collaboration tools do you use?

  • How do you balance between different projects?

  • What challenges do you face when working remotely, and how have you overcome them?

hire remote developers in india 03-IMG-ZoomMeetingInterview

These are some questions that are specific to remote developers. In addition to these questions, you should also ask them about their technical skills, problem-solving skills, etc. Make sure to analyze them on their technical, communication, and other skills during the interview. 

Step 5. Test Technical Skills

Many companies that are hiring remote developers from India neglect this step as they feel it’s not necessary during remote hiring. However, as crucial as other steps of hiring are, testing the technical skills is also imperative. One needs to prepare a technical coding skill test for the candidates. You can take assistance from the CTO or any senior technology expert in the team to prepare the same. 

You can start with a test project where you frame a sample project that is similar to the expected project. This should include everything to check their technical knowledge, analytical skills, time-management, algorithmic knowledge, and much more to know about the same. 

hire remote developers in india 04-IMG-CodingTestOnLaptop

Step 6. Get Started

Based on the candidate’s performance in the above steps, you can get started to hire remote developers from India. You can start with preparing a contract for the remote developers and discussing all the terms and conditions for the same. You can get started with the HR process or the onboarding process. 

You can discuss different aspects of the remote job like the charges, IP protection clauses, commitment level, tools usage, and much more. 

hire remote developers in india 05-IMG-Onboarding

You can start onboarding the remote developers onto your in-house team. This process should involve the sharing of documentation and familiarizing the employees about the working of the organization. Keep all the documents prepared and resources in hand to help the remote developers acclimatize with the company’s culture and the working process. 

Finding Remote Devs

Now that we know what we are looking for and the process to hire one, it’s time to know how to hire one. However, despite knowing the complete process of hiring remote developers, questions such as - ‘where do we search for them?’ keep popping up. 

There are different ways that you can adopt to find remote developers from India. Some of the platforms where you can search for remote developers are listed below. 

Search Engines

One of the easiest ways to find anything in today’s world is to google it simply. You can type any concern on Google, and the search engine will find the best suitable search result. The same is the case with remote developers. When you are looking for remote developers from India, you can easily find them on Google or any other search engine. 

Simple search remote developers in India and the Google algorithms will automatically fetch the best fit companies or the best platforms in their result pages. They ensure that the results are high quality and match the visitor’s search intent. You can even filter out the results based on the location (India, in this case), how large or outdated the content is, the format of the result, and much more.  You can even search for specific skills and locations in the keyword like 'hire angular developers India' and you will get across the top companies offering remote developers. 

hire remote developers in india Google-Search

Industry Blogs

While Google serves well when typing the keyword ‘hire remote developers in India,’ one might easily get overwhelmed at the number of results you see. Google is swift and can show about 73,70,000 results (0.49 seconds) on that particular keyword. 

This is where curated lists or industry blogs can come in handy. 

Many companies, experts, and other review sites create lists like ‘top companies to hire remote developers from’ to make things easier for others. These blogs are the best way for anyone to find curated lists of companies from where one can hire remote developers from India. 

Company Listing Sites/Directories

Many still look for credible sources for hiring remote developers instead of lists curated by individual companies and individuals. There are many company listing sites and directories like Clutch, Goodfirms, Topappdevelopers, TheManifest, etc. 

Also Read: Top 10 Companies To Hire Remote Developers From


One can quickly go through these platforms and check out their listings. One can filter out based on ratings, country, expertise, etc., to get a list of the top companies. The majority of these companies offer remote developers on a per hour or monthly basis.  

Job Platforms To Look For Hiring Remote Developers

Another common way for you to find freelance developers is to start looking for them on different platforms. These platforms are places where individuals register themselves to showcase their services and get freelancing projects. Most platforms have offshore developers displaying their hourly price, expertise, skills, reviews, etc., to make a choice easier. 

hire remote developers in india 15-IMG-A-Collective-Logo

Most of the popular job platforms where one can hire freelance developers are:

#1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular portals for companies looking for remote developers in India. Whether you need independent professions to shorten your development cycle or accelerate the development process or want tech experts to add new functionality, Upwork is the platform where you can find all types of tech talent. Microsoft, Airbnb, Nasdaq, Godaddy, and many more brands trust Upwork to fulfill their remote developer requirements. 

#2. Freelancer

At Freelancer, you can browse portfolios or post job openings. Once that is done, you will start receiving bids from freelancers. They will tell you their budget, time frame for completion, and other factors to win the bid. There are over 50 million professionals on Freelancers. If you have a small project that doesn’t need excessive commitment, hiring freelance developers from India could be a great way to get it done. 

#3. Remote.Io 

As the name suggests, Remote.io is the perfect platform for both remote developers and those looking for remote devs. You can post your job with the description and other details. Additionally, you can even start remote recruiting from this platform. The job posting on this platform starts from $299 per job for a month. 

#4. PeoplePerHour

This is one platform that promises to match you with expert freelancers in minutes. If you are planning to hire remote developers from India, PeoplePerHour offers the ultimate flexibility to choose your project requirement. Not only can you post your requirements here, but you can also browse through profiles of over three million freelancers. The platform has a system that matches your requirements with developers and asks them to send a proposal to you. Then, you can choose the best proposal and get started. 

#5. Toptal

Promising to help you hire from the top 3% talent, TopTal helps you find experts from the domain. The platform has a rigorous screening process and handpicks experts for you. It screens candidates based on their language, personality, skills, problem-solving ability, interviews, professionalism, and much more through several steps. You can join the portal as a client and choose what you are looking to hire. You can even find freelance developers on Toptal who are well-versed in various tech languages like C++, AWS, SQL, Swift, React Native, PHP, Java, AI, and much more. 

#6. RemoteOK

Another platform where remote developers go to find remote jobs is RemoteOK. Depending on your job description, you can post your job opening and shortlist from the applications that you receive. The platform makes it much easier for anyone to find remote developers through its hire pages. It has specific hire pages to browse through developer profiles and add filters to shortlist the same. You can find the ‘hire angular developers’ page, ‘hire asp.net developers page,’ ‘hire vue developers page,’ and much more on this platform, making it all the more convenient. 

#7. Dev.To

A popular community among remote developers is Dev.To. This platform sees hundreds and thousands of developers get together to share resources, solve issues, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. You can find developers here as well. 

#8. We Work Remotely

Considered as one of the largest remote work communities, WeWorkRemotely has over three million visitors. You can post your job here for just $299 and get remote developers from India to apply for the position. 

#9. Stack Overflow

Another platform to find remote developers for your project is through Stack Overflow. Brands can share their company’s story on the platform to attract applications. You can even advertise your requirement and reach over 100+ million people in the tech community through this platform. 

#10. AngelList

While AngelList is usually considered for finding jobs, especially by startups, one can easily find remote developers among those looking for jobs here. Moreover, you can post your requirement on AngelList under the particular remote jobs section and have remote developers applying for the same. 

#11. Indian Job Platforms

When you are particularly looking for remote developers from India, a great way to get started could be to search on Indian job portals. There are several platforms like Naukri, PlacementIndia, TimesJob, and many more. You can simply post your job requirement on such platforms and make sure to mention that it is a remote job in the posting. 

Top Companies To Hire Remote Developers From

One of the best ways to work with remote developers in India is to join hands with an outsourcing company. You can get in touch with an IT outsourcing company to get success in the development process. Many brands, including Buffer, Facebook, Alibaba, etc., have been succeeding by partnering with companies to hire remote developers. If you are also looking for a company to hire remote developers from, here is a list. 

Classic Informatics

Classic Informatics was established in 2002 and has been empowering businesses with its all-encompassing IT services. You can hire this web development company to get dedicated remote developers from India. It has its offices in Gurugram and Chandigarh in India. The company offers a wide variety of IT outsourcing services, including web development, software development, digital transformation, eCommerce development, mobile app development, product development, and much more. You can hire dedicated developers, app developers, full-stack/back-end/front-end developers, or even hire angular developers from India with years of experience in the field. 

Charges: $25 - $49 / hr


AXAT Technologies

Based in Navi Mumbai, India, AXAT Technologies is a popular IT company that seeks to provide complete web solutions. One can hire web designers, mobile app developers, and other tech experts for their projects. One can get web & software development services along with several latest technologies like blockchain, augmented reality, AI and machine learning, etc. It has around 10-49 developers on board. 

Charges: < $25 / hr

hire remote developers in india 1-new-message


TataSoft is a leading IT outsourcing company in India that offers various services to help businesses digitally transform. If you join hands with TatvaSoft, you can choose from over 250-999 developers for your project. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, this company can fulfill your remote developer needs for front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile app developers, and others.  

Charges: < $25 / hr

hire remote developers in india Tatva Soft


For those looking for dedicated developers or to build a dedicated team, AllianceTek can help you get the same in no time. You can get developers on an hourly, monthly, part-time, and full-time basis from this company. It has over 50-250 techies in its teams that help in delivering quality to its customers. They have dedicated developers, PHP developers, .NET, CRM, Sharepoint, iPhone, Android, and Cross-platform developers from this company. 

Charges: $25 - $49 / hr

hire remote developers in india alliancetek

Capital Numbers

This company has received accolades from its clients for the quality of work done by its remote developers. Based in Kolkata, India, Capital Numbers has 250-1000 tech experts on board. One can choose this company to hire remote developers on a full-time, part-time, hourly, or fixed cost basis. One can hire angular developers, ASP.NET developers, react developers, and other front-end, server-side developers, CMS developers, mobile app developers, etc. 

Charges: $25 - $49 / hr

hire remote developers in india capital numbers


Tips For Hiring

Before wrapping up the post, it is important that we talk about how you can actually hire remote developers from  India in a more effective and efficient manner. But before that, there are several myths about hiring remote developers that we should debunk. 

So, in this chapter, we will discuss the myths surrounding developers from India and also shed light on some tips that will help you escalate & ease your hiring process. 

Debunking Myths About Remote Developers

The number of remote workers in the US alone grew by 87% during the pandemic. Moreover, over 22% of the American workforce even plans to continue working remotely till 2025. This is enough to elucidate the magnitude of the change ushered by the pandemic. 

As searches for remote working grew each day, businesses also realized the several benefits they can enjoy by hiring remote developers for most of their work. 

hire remote developers in india 16-IMG-TipsForBetterHiring

Indeed, the benefits of hiring remote developers are unparalleled. However, several myths might make you hesitant. Remote workers aren’t as productive as in-house developers. Remote developers don’t offer quality codes. Remote developers are not easy to communicate with. Remote workers don’t care about you or your product. These are just some of the misconceptions that many companies have because of the hearsay stories. 

However, the majority of the stuff you hear about remote developers is just a myth. So, let’s debunk all these myths. 

It’s Hard To Communicate With Indian Developers

Most western countries feel that communicating with developers in India is a challenge, and there would be a huge language barrier. They feel that it won’t be easy to talk to them, or even worse, the developers won’t be ready to communicate. But this rareness in communication or gap emerges when you are working with a freelancer who is dedicated to a number of projects simultaneously. 

The Truth

India has the second-largest English-speaking population in the world, with over 125 million speaking English. If that seems too generic, the majority of Indian schools and universities now consider English as the first language. This eliminates the issue of the language barrier. 

When it comes to the communication gap, the issue persists only if you hire freelancers. 

The Solution

However, if you work with dedicated remote developers, you will not have to face such an issue. They work dedicatedly as an extension of your team and are ready for any collaboration or meeting you want to hold. 

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Offshore Software Developers Aren’t Good Enough

Some companies have the image that offshore developers are below average and cannot deliver at par with the quality standards. 

The Truth

India had over 2.75 million developers in 2017. It is expected that the number will almost double by 2023 and reach 5.2 million. This consists of developers from esteemed technology institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Indian Institute of Information Technology, NIT, VIT, DTU, and many more. They have stringent course guidelines and ensure students gain the required knowledge as well as industry exposure before stepping into the real world. 

The Solution

However, the best way to eliminate the misconception is to adopt a stringent process for selecting the developers. This includes the screening of candidates, virtual interviews, scanning resumes, and ensuring they match the requirements. A great way is to hire remote developers from an offshore IT company. They have a project manager supervising the work of the developers at all times. This ensures quality and compliance at all times. 

Cultural Differences Pose A Serious Problem

Companies feel that they have a company culture, and an offshore remote developer would not be able to get along with it. They need a company fit that would work as per their methodology and work ethics. 

The Truth 

When you hire developers from India, there will be cultural differences, but that would be manageable. The remote developers work as a part of your in-house team. If you treat them as you treat your in-house members, they will reciprocate in the same way. Moreover, if you have properly vetted the developers and they’ve already worked with offshore clients, they’d know how to adapt. 

The Solution

During the interview process itself, make sure that you pose questions around the work ethics and their mode of working. This will give insight into their way of working. Make sure you are hiring developers who are social beyond coding and are quick learners. This will ensure you that they will quickly adapt your company’s culture, despite working from an offshore location. 

Remote Developers Can Be Lazy

Being away from the client, remote developers can waste time and be lazy. They can laze around while not working whole-heartedly on the work assigned, hence, delivering substandard quality of work. 

The Truth

One hiring remote developers, you have the complete right to track their progress at each point during the assigned hours. 

The Solution

The best solution to keep this myth at bay is to hire remote developers from one of the top software development companies offering outsourcing services. These companies keep a tab on the work done by the developers for their clients and also have project managers ensuring the proper productivity of each of their developers. 

Tips To Hire Remote Developers

Hiring outsourced developers can be a challenging process for many. However, if hired using some expert tips and tricks, it can be the most rewarding thing for your project. After all, it gives you access to global talent 

#1. Hire From Outsourcing Agencies

To avail all the benefits of working with a professional outsourcing company while working with remote developers, one can hire from outsourcing companies in India. There are several outsourcing agencies where you can look for your remote developers. The IT company provides them with all the hardware and software and IT infrastructure. You hire developers who are managed by project managers, team leaders, etc., to ensure check on quality and time commitment.

#2. Read Testimonials & Reviews

Most of the platforms that you choose to hire remote developers from can add and read reviews of the developers that have registered. Be it Upwork, Freelancer, Remote, or even for company directories like Clutch; you can view reviews before making any hiring decision. 

#3. Analyze Previous Projects

The portfolio is as crucial as testimonials. A great way to ensure that you are hiring remote developers who can handle the complexity and the requirements of your project is by browsing through their portfolio. Ensure to analyze the type of product they have worked on and the specific features they’ve built. 

#4. Choose A POC (Point of Contact)

Hiring freelancers means there’s a clarity that you will directly contact the freelance worker to discuss progress and get other reports. However, when hiring remote developers from outsourcing companies in India, there could be a project manager or senior acting as the point of contact. You need to clarify beforehand regarding the extent of control you need over the remote developers. Discuss the point of contact and how you wish to collaborate with them or via their managers. 

#5. Be Clear In Stating Job Description 

A clear job description is imperative to have a clear understanding of what you need and what you expect from the remote developers. As they are sitting in an offshore location, it won’t be possible for you to be constantly in touch with them and share your requirements every now and then. A job description would ensure that they know what’s expected of them. 

#6. Leave No Room For Unsaid Expectations

All the above points add up to one conclusion - avoid any miscommunication. When working with remote workers, there can be some unsaid assumptions regarding the quality, commitment, or other specifications in the service.  Make sure to clarify everything before the onboarding - expectation, work type, hours, pay, technology, etc.

How Classic Informatics Can Help

Classic Informatics is a leader in the IT world, ranked among the top 1000 web development companies by Clutch. We have over 300 techies on board to help you plug any type of technology gap. You can hire remote developers, dedicated developers, or even build a dedicated team for your next project. 

At Classic Informatics, we have assisted hundreds of companies across the globe by providing expert talent in the techno-world. With over 18 years of experience, we can help you kick start any project or take an existing project to new heights by providing the required technology experts. 

We have an extensive technology stack with experts in each field. With us, you can:

We also have Laravel, DotNet, Serverless, and all other front-end, back-end developers for your web, mobile & software development requirements. We also have a mobile stack, including react native developers, Swift developers, Kotlin developers, and Flutter developers. In addition, you can also hire data scientists, cloud experts in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, along with experts in various cutting-edge technologies.

Hiring remote developers from us is a simple process. 

  1. You can tell us your requirements

  2. We will share shortlisted remote developer resumes that match your project/technology requirement

  3. Pick out the developers you feel would best fit your needs

  4. Hold interviews with the shortlisted remote developers

  5. Find the perfect one and get them onboarded on your team

There are several reasons why clients trust us for their remote product development and developer requirements. We have skilled and experienced developers who are managed by our project managers. We understand the time sensitivity of client requirements and offer a speedy set-up for the same. Additionally, you get complete flexibility to scale your team up or down on hiring remote developers from us. 

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Written by Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma, a writer by day and an avid reader by night, works with Classic Informatics, a leading web development company in India. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the IT industry.