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86% of the companies will run using SaaS apps solely after 2022. How can you hope this train and build a cost-effective SaaS product faster?

The significant development in the tech world has forced all brands to move from the traditional means to remodeling their web application software with modern technology. When scaling your business with new and robust technology, SaaS product development is what you need.

SaaS Development enables tech giants today to replace their traditional on-premise models with flexible models that provide seamless integration with other apps and platforms.

The SaaS market in 2021 was estimated at $160 billion. The figure has grown over the past decade due to some big giants like Facebook. 

Facebook’s release of ReactJS in 2017 has started a worldwide seismic shift. Therefore, other tech giants like Microsoft and IBM also decided to invest in their SaaS development framework.

Since these tech giants are banking on SaaS application development frameworks, your business or startup would also benefit from investing in this fantastic technology.

In this article, we have listed about SaaS Development Framework and what are the top frameworks for SaaS development.

What Is SaaS Development Framework?

A Software Developmental Framework is mainly used to help businesses with web development. Choosing a SaaS growth strategy is vital in your business because it determines your financial and administrative decisions.

It enables developers to incorporate different tools, servers, SEOs, and APIs with a structure they can build on or use as an extension to their platforms. The framework empowers developers to maintain consistent quality and create appealing platforms for business growth. 

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The framework you choose for your SaaS Application development should be flexible as the software will continuously run updates and change according to the industry standards. Moreover, it allows developers to add more features by incorporating recent tools as your business expands.

Let us know the top SaaS development frameworks you can use with your growing business.

software development frameworks

Top SaaS Development Framework 

Choosing the most suitable SaaS development framework for your organization is daunting. With so many companies claiming they’re the best, we’ve listed some of the top framework you can opt for to develop your web application.


Meta builds it, undoubtedly one of the most popular frameworks to integrate component-based structure for SaaS web development. The framework is a front-end JavaScript library that helps organizations and developers build scalable user interfaces for large web applications or MVP development. As this is mainly a library, developers can use it as a framework while incorporating other tools.

With ReactJS, manipulation is handy because it interfaces directly with Virtual DOM. Therefore, it provides a better user experience for developers. At the same time, it is popular among developers because it allows them to create complex interfaces quickly.

It is worth mentioning that the primary focus of ReactJS is to provide scalability and flexibility. Also, Meta built-in ensures to fulfill its goal by consistently modifying the framework and getting it tested by more than 2.8 million users in real-time.

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With over 150 thousand stars on Github, Vue.js is another popular framework like ReactJS. It is primarily known for its SPAs and creative user interfaces that appeal to the customers in the market. As it is mainly suitable for building one-view applications, developers use this framework to develop large-scale web applications.

It is an open-source interface that uses the Model Viewmodel structure. Vue.js is a lightweight framework with a Command-line interface to ensure flexibility when prototyping and scaffolding. Although the framework for SaaS development is pretty impressive, it offers the reusability of components. This means developers can reuse these components to build templates for their SaaS web-based applications. 



Google develops angular- another open-source front-end framework that helps developers build large-scale applications. Like Vue.JS, Angular enables two-way data binding to minimize time consumption, making web development much more straightforward.

Along with using CSS and HTML, the framework uses Typescript, an object-oriented programming language, enabling developers to maintain code consistency. Additionally, it simplifies the development process and supports built-in tools to ensure that you have a highly secure framework.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a secure framework that would help you to build high-performing single-page applications, then Angular is what you need. 

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Node.js is an open-source framework with popularity that uses “Single Threaded Event Loop” architecture to handle multiple clients simultaneously. It uses fewer threads and resources/memory, resulting in faster task execution. Therefore, one uses Java to process data-intensive tasks, but Node.js is the obvious choice for real-time applications.

With many tutorials and a large community, Node.js provides scalability for applications. Being single-threaded, it can handle many simultaneous connections with high throughput.



The platform is a PHP-based SaaS platform, an open-source framework that follows MVC architecture. It offers templating solutions with an impressive library and database of PHP web applications. The framework is a better choice for developers to develop applications for companies with better performance and business growth.

Building a SaaS application isn’t easy; therefore, using Laravel acts as a go-to framework for developers while building the SaaS application better. Laravel is a robust and mature framework and is an excellent choice for your startups and new business.


The framework uses Model-View-Template for web development. Big giants like Google, Youtube, and Instagram use this framework as it can boost batteries-included feature that supports many features like authentication and messaging. It follows the Convention Over Configuration pattern and the DRY pattern as security is its primary objective. Python enables developers with techniques and tools to form a secure website or implement the safety features within the framework.


Wrapping Up

The article helps you choose the best framework as a poor framework runs the risk of losing potential clients. Therefore startups and businesses need to understand what to look for and where to find the proper framework. A great framework allows you to get acquainted with the latest technologies and help your business grow. Additionally, it must be scalable, flexible, and efficient. 

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