A CEO guide to building memorable brand experiences

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Are you struggling to build a memorable brand experience? 

In today’s digital world of hyper-connectivity, authenticity, and transparency, a CEO influences how consumers perceive the brand.

But does that have any bearing on the brand or the potential value of the customer relationship?

It is not an easy task to stay the best in the eyes of your target customer. It can happen if you know the art of designing a memorable-valuable brand experience.  

A brand can be BUILT, EXIST, and SUSTAINED in the market only because of its audience. The foremost need is that every company should be clear about their Audience Persona.

The company is responsible for serving its best when a person chooses its brand.  

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Well, as the very famous American poet Maya Angelou quoted,  

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel."  

This CEO guide highlights the building blocks of customer relationships and the required steps that the company should take. It enables them to run their company for a one-step-ahead business result.  

Your brands should be focusing on two noteworthy points:  

  • Customer-centric approach.  
  • Brand capability in solving customer problems.  

To solve your customer's problem and re-design your brand to have a more customer-centric approach, you need to know;  

  • What is your audience looking for in a brand like yours?  
  • What makes your audience interested in your brand?  
  • What is your target audience or consumer behavior?  

In today's world, where Big Data and Machine Learning play a vital role,  analytics will give you insights into your brand perception to create an unforgettable brand experience.   


According to the online report on tax and business,  29% of marketers admit that business sales revenue increased by 26% with the support of marketing analytics.  Also, 54% of the companies are using customer analytics and generating above-average profits. 

This comprehensive guide will help you build a memorable brand experience as a CEO. So let's start with the first question;

What do you understand by customer experience?  

Customer experience is the customer’s journey from buying to utilizing the product or services of a company. The way the customers think or talk about your products or services reflects their experience. It also involves how your customer possesses the image of your brand.  

To improve customer experience as a brand, a CEO should follow this 3 Step journey. 

  • Discover the setbacks in the customer journey 
  • Rework for better customer feedback and customer engagement  
  • Implement a better customer experience

Before we dive into detailing tactics for improving and building a memorable brand experience, let's get aware of the phrase; “Brand Experience.”

The phrase, brand experience comprises reactions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings toward a brand.  

The impact that a brand leads on the mind of its user, plus the way the consumer reacts while encountering the brand, define their experience with a brand.  

The best example would be Apple gadgets that hold an impressive brand experience. When you think of the best laptops, mobile phones, etc., Apple comes at the top suggestion. It is because their users are delighted with the services/features offered by Apple as a brand.  

So the next question arises;

Why is Brand experience essential?  

When your product or service becomes a brand, it means your customer knows your existence. Not only into their notice, but they trust you as a problem solver and will recommend you to their near and dear ones.  

So, brand experience plays a vital role in the whole journey of brand building. Also, it will help you sustain your value in the eyes of your potential users.  

Make sure to leverage your audience with a positive brand experience to top the competitive world and increase your sales. 


Coming to the discussion, 

How to boost customer brand journey?

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of customer experience to grow loyalty, lower operational costs, and secure long-term growth to increase their brand journey. 

  1. Discover The Setbacks In The Customer Journey

Today's audience is intelligent and checks the customer reviews before they snap up any product or service. 84% of the audience do research, compare, and check reviews before jumping to a decision.     

Online shopping is booming, but those brands that provide valuable end-to-end customer support only win. Your target audience will compare you with the best brands, and the logic is simple, every person wants to expect or wants better when investing their hard-earned money in your product.    

For example, eCommerce brand, your buyers will look for older customer reviews. Also, they will check out features, offers, discounts, etc., to compare with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Myntra, etc.   

According to a stats report from Findstack, 94% of the customers avoid any company due to bad online reviews. 

Observe your customer's needs and identify the loopholes in your customer's brand experience. The focus should be on creating a seamless customer journey. Without discovering the problem, you cannot fix it. So, it is the prime step any company takes in the hope of improvement.     

  1. Rework For A Better Customer Experience And Customer Engagement

Once you discover your customer's pain points, you need to improvise your product and make it more user-centric. Make changes wherever required, whether it is an organizational issue, marketing strategy fault, or product failure to offer a smooth customer experience. Also, your customer support should never disappoint your user in their time of need. 

You also need to focus on customer engagement. If a user is continually interacting with your product, it means they are finding some value in it; thus, there is a scope of selling more products or services to them. You can use various marketing channels to improve customer engagement and keep them updated about your brand and product. Creating videos and podcasts will help you to engage with your customer in a better way.  


  1. Implement For Better Customer Experience

Steps taken after dedicated research always bring out better results. Now that you have discovered what's lacking, you can fix it efficiently.   

Adopting and implementing the change is not an easy task in any organization; therefore, CEOs are appointed, as they have a significant responsibility to handle the brand's success or failure on their shoulders.    

Do you think it's easy to build a memorable brand experience?    

It demands extensive team support, patience, and consistent efforts for any organization to create a sense of an impeccable customer brand experience.    

How to build a memorable brand experience?   

Creating a memorable brand experience involves strategies, preparation, and great execution. Before you start anything, brands should understand two things;  

  • What does their target audience want?   
  • What does their target audience need?    

Before implementing any strategies, you should always know the needs and wants of your clients, and then you can start creating a solution for your clients.  

Let me explain with you an example;  

Salesmate: A very famous CRM for small businesses is the unified customer platform to engage prospects, boost sales, and personalize experiences for each customer.

By realizing the client's requirement, Salesmate can provide a tailored and bespoke solution that helps them to increase sales and productivity. It is achieved through their unique features such; as the Auto dialer and their constant efforts to solve clients' problems.


7 Key Tactics to Create Memorable Brand Experiences  

Branding is the sum of sensations, thoughts, feelings, and reactions the customer has toward your brand. 

  1. Follow Customer-Centricity  

Everyone shows interest in anything that goes with their preference or choice. Make sure, whether you are in the process of product development, brand awareness, or offering customer support, that your presentation should match your customer's wants.  

As a company, your offerings are for your customer, so research and create a customer-centric product or offer a user-centric service.  

UrbanClap understands the pain point that people hardly get time to go out to the salon, so they brought the exclusive Salon Facilities to their doorstep.    

They figured out the problem and devised a solution for their target audience.    

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  1. Be There Where Your Customer Present

Take steps toward your customer and be a part of your social world. The best possible way to do this in 2022 is to be on the social media platforms where your customers are present. 

If you want to get noticed, strategic efforts should be made to achieve it. Give a reason why your customer should get engaged with your brand.  

Let me give you an example of this:  

Freshbooks is cloud-based accounting software designed to help small businesses and freelancers manage their finances and invoice clients. The software is easy to use and enables users to create free invoice and stay organized by keeping track of expenses, income, and invoices in one place. It has some great accounting templates to eliminate day-to-day accounting entry hassles

To be present where their customer is, they have started a modern way of uploading podcasts on their website to interact and engage with their audience.

Using outdated ways to reach and interact with your audience might eliminate you from the market. So you should always be aware of where your audience is and which channels they use to interact and get information. To offer a memorable brand experience, your efforts should syn with the customer requirements and trends.  

So, you should be there and try to attract, engage and entertain your customers in various trendy ways.  

  1. Conduct Relevant Survey  

Don't forget that your brand is for your customer, so you must know what your customer is searching for is an excellent idea. The best practice to understand the buyer's persona is to conduct a relevant survey and interviews or look for your target audience.

 For example, the LinkedIn poll feature is one of the best-proven survey tactics that tell much about the customer's pain points.  

Listen to your customer responses and feedback as these are valuable insights to improve and become better.    


  1. Own A Brand Story To Connect   

Human psychology plays a huge role when planning to offer a memorable brand experience. Your brand should be recognized with an emotional story. Share stories of your efforts to build a brand. The emotions have the grip that holds your customer, and their impact lasts for longer.   

Try to make your audience smile, laugh or cry. When customers feel with the brand story, they get connected. It is the ultimate trick to win. If your brand story can touch the heart of your customers, then your customer can easily relate to you and your products.    

You must have seen movies that look relatable or inspire you to do great business at the box office. Similarly, a brand story is your weapon to attract, connect and hold your customers.     

  1. Think From The Customer’s Perspective 

If you produce and sell based on assumptions, your efforts will surely fail!  

To give your customer a tremendous memorable brand experience, you need to first go through the experience yourself.  

If you offer a service or product, try and use the service or product yourself. It will help you make the corrective actions to create an ideal product or service for your customer.

Finally, give honest feedback about every touch point and identify the faults during your experience. In this way, you will develop a better understanding of how your customer is experiencing your brand.     

  1. Don't Forget Your Brand Promise   

You are offering and experimenting with multiple things to build a great brand experience but remember one thing, always carry your brand promise. Trust earned by your brand should not be harmed at any cost. Make sure as a CEO your efforts are considered by your customer and match the promises made by your brand.    

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When a brand wins the heart of its customer with a positive brand experience, its customers become its all-time promoters. They share posts on their social media accounts, which have potential customers.  

Isn't it great for the brands?  

They share experiences with their surroundings and let your brand flaunt in the eyes of many. They talk about how great their experience is with your brand, and one should go for your brand.  

Isn't it exciting?  

To build a memorable brand experience, you should follow the above-given tactics.

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