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Business Intelligence and Business Process Automation

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In this world of ever-increasing data and information, it is only logical for a firm to think about Business Process Automation to reduce the running cost. This will enable the firm to not only increase the business productivity but also empowers the firm to know what they need to know at the right time. It can be a daunting task on hand for a team to wait for the IT Operations to get the ad-hoc reports which in turn increases the cost of the operations.

The business intelligence will enable the end user to initiate the process which has been automated to get the desired reports or information. BI Reporting can become a powerful tool for business without having to rely on IT resource.

Advantages of Business Process Automation

With BPA you not only get to automate the process but will also be able to improve workforce productivity. 

  • You will be able to transform the raw information into more meaningful reports that can be used to analyze and improve the business areas.
  • You not only see which sector is doing good but will also be able to pinpoint the areas that need better management as well as automation so that the revenue can improve.
  • You can benchmark and use that to improve the overall process.
  • The management will be able to use this information in their decision making and in coming up with strategic initiatives.
  • For any decision making process to be effective, useful information is the utmost requirement of that time. And with BI, you will get this information.

The Role of Big Data

Data is good for any firm, but the quality of the data and the way it is presented makes a big difference. If there is too much data that is not organized, it can take forever to make sense out of it. Instead, if there is a tool that can analyze this data and format it in end user-friendly reports, for instance, developing solutions over SSRS which then can be integrated with SharePoint that every other company uses to manage the data, it can greatly benefit the cause.

These reports can be custom made to the needs of the business. These reports are not just reports stating the obvious, but they will be able to explain backing up with data on the factors influencing the sales for instance. You can use this information to make amendments in order to improve the sales for future.

Implementing Business Intelligence in your Organization

Implementing Business Intelligence is much easier than otherwise thought. You can quickly deploy and make adjustments as you go. The whole process is an evolving process.

All you need is a holistic vision of the business needs and goals. There are many BI tools available in the market including the age-old time-tested Crystal Reports, Charting Components like Telerik, SSRS which is a component of Microsoft’s SQL Server’s reporting and BI tools.

  • With Crystal Reports, you can design and deliver highly meaningful reports virtually from any data source. There are many reporting formats to choose from that makes the most sense to your business end users. Another powerful ad-hoc reporting tool is the Telerik.
  • Telerik can be used for the web and even cloud computing. The reports are comprehensive and make a whole new meaning of the otherwise hard to understand scattered data.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services is the reporting services offered by the SQL Server. It is a MS Visual Studio environment with enhancements that are specific to the Business Intelligence Solutions.

There is a world of tools out there for one to explore and decide on what is the best suitable for their business. And BI tools are not just used in big banks and giant companies, these days professional sports teams, chain stores spread across the country or globe like Walmart, e-commerce sites all are using BI tools.


In all, Business Intelligence opens a window of opportunities to the business by not just saving the money, but also in optimizing the business process, improving the decision making process. The ROI is quite significant when using such a tool. You can easily and effectively identify the flawed processes in place that can be targeted for improvement.

With any large scale firm, it is common to have separate data units, independent software components and BI will enable to combine all these information and provide you with an integrated solution.

Harness the potential to transform your business in more far-reaching ways than otherwise imagined with Business Process Automation. 

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Reetam Das

Written by Reetam Das

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