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You cannot get the iPhone 6 oiOS8r iPhone 6 Plus until Friday but the iOS 8 went live yesterday! Apple’s latest version of mobile operating system is now available to download for anyone who owns an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C or 5S. The new upgrade doesn’t bring massive changes in the UI, like iOS 7, but brings many functionality changes for its users. A large chunk of iPhone audience also includes iOS Developers and they are very happy the functional changes brought by the mobile giant.

iOS 8 has opened it in-built functionalities to the developers. With its capabilities, iOS developers will now be able to create apps that offer a more customized experience to its users. Here’s what all the developers will have access to in the new iOS 8:

1. Sharing Options:
Earlier iPhone users could only share photos, videos, websites, and other content through social sites like Facebook and Twitter. But in iOS 8, Apple has opened the sharing options to iOS developers that give them the freedom to build more social apps upon iPhone’s sharing functionality.

2. Custom Actions:
iOS 8 will allow the developers can now customize iPhone’s Action buttons to their advantage. Working on the same data with multiple apps was possible earlier also for the developers. But with iOS 8 it has become more native and seamless. For example, developers can now translate the text in a Safari window.

3. Notification Centre:
iOS 8 has opened its Notification Centre to the developers. Now the iPhone users will be able to see notifications from apps they download in the today view when the phone is locked. This gives iOS app developers to add widgets that keep their app users informed about all that is latest and interests them.

4. Documents:
iOS 8 is providing access to its document storage location to the developers. These will enable the iOS developers to access the user data stored in the phone with ease.

5. Photo Editing:
iOS 8 will allow the developers to embed their filters and editing tools directly into the iPhone’s Photos app. The app users will now be able to select a filter effect to apply to a photo selected from the iPhone’s in-built camera library.

6. Keyboard:
Developers will now have complete freedom to replace the default system-wide iOS keyboard with their own custom made keyboards.

Isn’t it amazing! There's so much your users can do with your iPhone apps now. The developers have been asking for the above functionality for so long and finally they can break free from their app jails to create an even better user experience. It’s time you get your apps iOS 8 ready!

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