Attending OEC 2019: A Tech Conference Aimed At Making Everything Online

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Oman eCommerce Conference or OEC 2019 turned out to be a big success among not just the enterprises and businesses of Oman but also the companies that are enabling digital transformation. This two-day conference took place on the 16th and 17th of September. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry from the Sultanate of Oman organized this eCommerce conference, which is now considered as the largest and most innovative digital event in the Middle East.

The conference was aimed at digitizing the industries of the Sultanate. At present, a majority of the companies in Oman have not yet embraced the digital revolution. Through this conference, the government of Oman seeks to encourage businesses in the country to take the online route. 

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The main focus of this tech conference was to make “Everything Online”. We know that today’s customers have changed the way they consume information, shop for things, or even make big decisions. The internet plays a crucial role and everything is apparently done online now. For enterprises to stay competitive, they need to go online through eCommerce development. OEC’s main aim was to accelerate the digital economy.

From garage startups to multi-million enterprises, the conference was aimed at unraveling the true story behind the growth of the global eCommerce industry. Many keynote speakers were invited for the event and their talks were certainly inspiring for many. 

Companies from all industry verticals- logistics, fin-tech, telecom, banking, hospitality, and much more, were The conference also hosted over 10 governments, 50+ world-class speakers, 600+ decision-makers, and over 10,000 retail representatives. If tech disruption or digital transformation is the aim of your enterprise, OEC was the conference for them. 

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Classic Informatics, a global web development company, was proud to be a part of this esteemed conference. We were the Bronze Sponsors of the event and had an extremely productive time during the conference. Our representatives, Mr. Rajiv Mehta (Director) ad Mr. Jayant Moolchandani (Business Development Head), reached Oman on 15th September and were all energized to be at our booths for the next two days. 

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Majority of the enterprises that participated in the conference were from Oman itself. They belonged to various industries like the IT sector, education, banking, logistics, and various other industries. Companies that were sponsoring the event were also majorly from Oman. Apart from that, we also witnessed companies from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and even India coming to empower enterprises digitally. 

While we were in our booth, we attended to many companies from the audience. Their main questions revolved around the way we work, our processes, and the services we offer. There were a lot of questions around our enterprise solutions like digital transformation and product engineering.

We had a word with various enterprises that were inspired by the stories shared by successful eCommerce companies at the conference. They were eager to know effective ways to transform digitally. In fact, we even built some good leads for our relationships with similar companies. Attending to the attendees of OEC, we did realize one thing- if you want to penetrate the Oman market, person to person conversation is the way to go. 

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