Top Full Stack Development Companies In The UK In 2023

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Technology is constantly evolving, and in today's virtual world, all businesses want is to save costs. Thus Full-stack development is the new range that enables businesses to reduce costs and become the most sought-after skill in the IT industry. As a result, companies in the UK and worldwide are increasingly choosing full-stack development because it includes both backend and frontend development handled by a single developer. 

But is it just that adopting a full-stack development strategy can help companies?

It turned out – yes. Companies need a full-stack development strategy and industry experts for the next step. Full-stack developers are a team who builds the frontend user interface and the backend engine that powers the web application.

It is an all-in-one development service. Choosing a full-stack development company can facilitate the entire process with a single point of contact for everything. These full-stack development companies have dedicated resources to developing their futuristic programs. So how do you know which top full-stack companies in the UK can be your partner? 

Worry not!

We have shared a list of the top ten full-stack development companies in the UK to help you better.

  • #Classic Informatics

Classic Informatics is one of the leading Full stack development companies in the United Kingdom, providing complete product engineering solutions. With one of the offices in London, the company assists startups, established businesses, and large enterprises in strengthening their digital ability.

Backed by cognitive user behaviour, the team of top-notch developers can build your product to capture the interest of your audience. From the conceptualisation of the product to the delivery, the company works closely with enterprises & startups to understand their needs and vision. Classic Informatics was founded in 2002 and has over twenty years of expertise in developing software products for various industrial verticals. The experts provide UI Designing, Application Development, Quality Testing and ongoing maintenance to help clients move their desktop software to web platforms.

While the company's sales team is in London, its development centre is located in India, offering services to its customers at an affordable price. Also known for their on-time delivery, the dedicated team in Classic Informatics uses new-age technologies and frameworks to develop effective and efficient product engineering solutions.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: Gurugram, India

Expertise: Product Engineering, Digital Experience, Custom Web Development Solutions

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £17- £25 per hour


  • # I4 Product Design

Founded in 2003, I4 Product design is a dream project of its four founders with a vision of growing alongside clients by producing best-in-class designs. It is a UK product design company based in Edinburgh, offering businesses the best product design services to help them achieve massive success through technology. 

They understand the value of lasting relationships and work with their clients as a team to realise their vision. The designers and engineers focused on creating outstanding, desirable, elegant products in form, function and usability. 

To achieve their aims, they have built a design centre of excellence with a lasting legacy by nurturing the best creative and engineering design talent and employing state-of-the-art methods and technology. As a full-service product design consultancy, i4 Product holds 18+ years of experience across different industries and enterprises. 

Years Of Service: 18+

Headquarters: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Expertise: Full Stack Development, IOT development, Custom software development

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £41 - £81 per hour

  • #Furthermore

Headquartered in Budapest, Furthermore also has an office in London, United Kingdom. They are a digital product and service design studio comprising strategists, designers and technologists who have designed and built products - using just about any platform available today and some from tomorrow. 

The experts at Furthermore operate semi-remotely and have a studio in Bermondsey, London, an outpost in Stockholm, Sweden and Sheffield in the UK. The UK's top full-stack development company is led by the award-winning design duo Steve Johnson and Hana Sutch, who have more than 30+ years of experience.

The company seeks to offer startups and enterprises the ultimate full-stack development solutions to help them achieve better customer experience and success with technology.

Years Of Service: 8+

Headquarters: Budapest, but office in London, UK

Expertise: Full stack development, mobile app development, Custom software development, web development, digital strategy

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £123 - £164 per hour


  • #Every Interaction 

Founded in 2011, Every Interaction is one of the top Full stack development companies in the UK in 2023. It has a complete team of creative designers, engineers, and exceptional strategists who strive to help its clients become better versions of themselves. 

With a team of brilliant minds, they share fascinating success stories, showcasing their ability and expertise. From award-winning full-stack development solutions to end-to-end business consultation, the professionals here have expertise in most of modern technology. Moreover, they are committed to upskilling their tech specialists for a better user experience.

Years Of Service: 10+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering, Business Consulting

Team Size: 10+

Average Rate: £82- £123 per hour 


  • #Thoughtbot

With a team of 250+ dedicated experts, Thoughtbot has a foothold in full-stack development and has received outstanding evaluations on sites like Clutch and GoodFirms. They specialise in mobile application development, product engineering, and full stack development, along with providing UX/UI solutions to their customers. 

The company has your back if you need anyone who needs any mobile, product engineering, or full-stack development solutions. With more than 19+ years of experience, the top full-stack development company in the UK allows clients to create new products from scratch or manage their current ones, building a culture that encourages the free flow of influence, shaping the customer journey & their outcomes.

Years Of Service: 19+

Headquarters: London, UK

Expertise: Product Engineering, mobile application

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £124 - £165 per hour


  • #Nyker

Situated in Brighton, Nyker was established in 2016. The company provides product engineering and full-stack development service in the UK, supporting businesses to market ideas. Although it has a small team of engineers who focus on discovering exceptional solutions, the team believes in generating value through innovation.

Its founder Dave Walker has a decade of experience; with Nyker being one of the top full-stack development companies in the UK, it strives to deliver new solutions to elevate the product in the market. Professionals at Nyker are passionate and daring and want to build products with a purpose. The company aims to develop 1000+ products in ten years to bring positive change in the digital environment. They believe in agility, personalisation, and innovation.

Years Of Service: 8+

Headquarters: Brighton, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering, Business Consulting

Team Size: 10+

Average Rate: £17- £25 per hour


  • #Together

Being one of the UK's top full-stack development companies in 2023, Together holds 19+ years of experience. The company enables its clients to create new products from scratch or manage their current ones while providing complete development services across all industry verticals. 

With 25+ engineers, the experts at Together have the expertise to undertake all your digital services. The company enables tech companies to build their brands, websites, and digital products to help their digital experiences. Apart from full-stack development, Together also provides web development, product engineering, and product development services.

Years Of Service: 19+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering, Full-stack development, Custom software development, web development 

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £123 - £164 per hour


  • #Ustwo Studio

As a digital product engineering agency in London, professionals at Ustwo follow a culture of trust, collaboration and honesty. The company launches products and services with solid design and tech credentials that inspire them to bring out their most creative and considered thinking.

The company was born in 2004 and believes in delivering unrivalled user experience design and best-in-class technical practices. It enables them to partner with leading global brands that want to make a difference globally. Their cultural values are centred around enabling the ambitions of 250+ inspiring and talented individuals who want to continue learning and crafting beautiful products in today's world.

Years Of Service: 16+

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering, mobile app development, UX/UI, web development

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: £123 - £164 per hour


  • #D2M Innovation 

D2M Innovation was established in 2010 that specialises in helping startups and SMEs build innovative, innovative product designs to enhance their capability and extend their product engineering services in the target market. 

As a leading  full-stack development company, it has more than 10+ years of experience.  Over the years, the organisation has built a reputation for designing and developing innovative software and other digital products. Their flexible and fast-moving solutions enable their clients to continue improving their businesses and gain a positive reputation.

Years Of Service: 10+

Headquarters: Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering, other designing

Team Size: 50+

Average Rate: £82 - £136 per hour

  • #Idea Reality - Product Design 

Idea Reality: Product Design has technology experts providing full-stack solutions to startups, established businesses, and enterprises. They aim to solve business challenges and provide value using agile methodology. 

The company was born in 2013 and provided cost-effective yet award-winning full-stack development solutions prototyping and 3D CAD services. Over the years, the top full-stack development company has served clients in the UK, Europe, and all over the world.

With its head office in Andover, Hampshire, UK, they have a centre of excellence in central London. Thus,  allowing the company to local liaison in the UK and high-level technical design while accessing incredible tech talent.

Years Of Service: 10+

Headquarters: Andover, United Kingdom

Expertise: Product Engineering

Team Size: 10+

Average Rate: £41- £81 per hour


Wrapping Up

You could turn to these top full-stack development companies in the UK in 2023 for complete development solutions. The above list of companies we have shared can help you get complete assistance to build and scale your digital journey. 

Classic Informatics offers complete full-stack development solutions to startups, enterprises, tech companies, and digital agencies. Our best-in-class developers work from India, enabling you to develop products and services cost-effectively. Classic Informatics can assist you in all stages of full-stack development. 

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