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The world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit, is just around the corner. It is considered one of the most anticipated events for the tech industry post-pandemic. With 70,000+ attendees, 2000+ startups, 900+ speakers, and 1000+ investors, it certainly is an event to attend. 

The event is all set to bring together leading tech speakers, anticipated startups, and various notable investors. Web Summit Lisbon would be covered by 2500+ media personalities from 160+ countries. The event is a coveted one as it will be one of the biggest physical tech gatherings after the pandemic. 

At Classic Informatics, we’ve had our eyes on the event for a long time. We were eagerly waiting for the event tickets to launch and booked them well in advance. And now, we’re all set to attend Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. Our team is all packed to fly down to Lisbon and meet the who’s who of the international tech community. 


We’re Ready For Web Summit 2022

Classic Informatics is a leading digital enabler that is always looking out for events like Web Summit to connect and build a strong network. Our CEO, Mr. Rajiv Mehta, along with our business development team, will be representing our organization at the event. 

We’ve secured stall number E369 and will be waiting eagerly to have a conversation with you. It took us weeks to prepare for this event but now we’re all set. For the Web Summit 2022, we have selected our entire team that will represent Classic Informatics at the event. 

Classic Informatics at Web Summit

We’ve set some SMART goals for the event and are all set to achieve them. Be it increasing our network and connecting with some great prospects or finding new prospects or simply gaining industry insights on what to expect in this era of digital transformation, we’re set to come back with pivotal experiences. We look forward to gaining a global audience and improving our brand awareness through this event. 

Why We’re Attending Web Summit 2022

Attending Web Summit has always been a dream of ours. And we’re ready for all four days from November 1- November 4. We’ll be reaching Lisbon on October 31st and will start out with the meet and greet scheduled for the night. 

Being the largest tech conference in Europe, we expect that the event would lead us to great connections, industry insights, many prospects, and business overseas that would help us grow globally. 


Our booth in the arena would enable us to introduce our company and provide it with a global presence among tech leaders. We’re ready with our introductions, pitches, and speeches to make sure that each attendee visiting our booth leaves as a prospect. 

We’re ready to meet people from a large vertical of industries like AI, ML, EduTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and more. We are expecting to get in touch with founders, CEOs, business executives, and more. 

In addition to that, there are several other events lined up at Web Summit which we’re certainly eyeing for. We’re looking forward to the roundtables on Martech, Digital Disruption, Prioritizing Customer Journey, FinTech saving the world, Hiring Diverse Teams, Product Roadmap, Digital Transformation challenges and opportunities, and more. These would certainly help us get answers to many questions, gain insights into the industry, and more. 

We are certainly looking forward to the meet and greet where we can casually chat with leaders of our industry. The first meet and greet on the evening of 31st October would itself be a golden opportunity for us to network and solidify our connections. We can also meet players in the market, and even find prospects there. 

We’re eager to attend the speeches by keynote speakers, press conferences, Q&A rounds, panels, masterclasses, and more at Web Summit 2022. Each day is packed with various activities, meetings, roundtables, and more to help us further our business. 

And we know that the day doesn’t end with the final talk. We are more than excited for the Night Summit where we’d get to explore the streets of Lisbon for some late-night networking. Be it at Hub Criativo do Beato, Pink Street, or Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, we certainly don’t intend to miss out on the night events at Lisbon. 


The Digital Side of Web Summit

This year, Web Summit has gone digital and introduced its Web Summit app to enhance the digital experience. It will act as a one-stop solution for attendees before, during, and even after the event. The application allows attendees to create and personalize their profiles so that others can identify and connect beforehand. Even during the Web Summit, the app will act as a digital companion, assisting attendees in navigating through various events lined up for all.

With the help of the newly launched Web Summit app, attendees can:

  • Plan their entire visit and create schedules throughout the visit. You can maximize your experience at the summit by planning the entire event in advance. 

  • Explore the profiles of other companies and attendees at the event. It is even easier to send invites and connect with others before being physically present. 

  • Scan the secure QR codes or badges of other attendees and connect with them even after the event has commenced. They can stay connected and continue discussing their requirements. 

  • Navigate easily across the event, the booths, and other events happening across the venue with ease of the map they’ve provided on the app. It will also reflect real-time updates of the happenings of the events. 

  • Schedule meetings well in advance to make the most of your time at the event. You can scan contacts, send out pitches, discuss their requirements, and have a meeting with them once you reach the event. 

We’ve also created our profile for Classic Informatics on the web Summit app to make the most of the event, digitally. You can check out our profile on the Web Summit app and chat with us there. 

Classic Informatics at Web Summit

Our Core Offerings At Web Summit

At Classic Informatics, we are a complete product development company offering digital solutions to startups, enterprises, and other businesses of all scales. We facilitate businesses with teams, remote developers, and end-to-end services and management. At the Web Summit, in Lisbon, we are promoting the following key offering:

Product Engineering

We provide complete teams, single developers, as well as managed services to enable businesses to build their products. Whether it is a SaaS product, eCommerce store, mobile app, or any other custom software requirement, we deliver it all. Not just building a product from scratch or refactoring an existing product using the latest technologies, we have the technical capabilities to do it for businesses of all sizes. 

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MVP Development

We can help you build a team of experts to build the minimum viable product or the first version of your product. Our teams can assist you with rapid prototyping to ensure a faster release. From the research around your idea to market analysis, product development, and iterations based on feedback, we can do it all for you. 

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DevOps & Cloud

Understanding the need for continuous improvement in product development and the global business shift to the cloud, we’ve come up with complete DevOps and cloud solutions. You can hire DevOps engineers for continuous integration and development (CI/CD) of your product. In addition to that, we can help you build cloud-native apps, and migrate existing apps to the cloud, or any other cloud computing platform. 

Growth Marketing

Businesses today need to strengthen their brand presence in order to grow their business. With our growth marketing solutions, we promise to help businesses enhance their awareness, target the right audience, push them down the sales funnel, generate more leads, and convert them into buying customers or brand loyal. We use data-driven insights to drive business growth. 

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Come, Meet Us At Web Summit, Lisbon

It is our utmost pleasure to be a part of this coveted event and we look forward to meeting you in person and sharing ideas that enable digital transformation. We would be attending a number of roundtables, onstage talks, masterclasses, and more to gain knowledge on the upcoming tech trends that will shape the industry. 

You can always drop by our stall- E369 and meet our representatives. 

Till then, you can check out our profile and offerings on the Web Summit app.

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