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We deliver amazing websites, mobile apps and enterprise applications to Start-ups, Enterprises, ISVs and Digital Agencies. Our digital marketing solutions help clients reach newer heights.

Our employee’s expertise lies in new-age solutions like Cloud Computing, SaaS Development, Social Media and Mobility. We consult customers on the right technologies, approach and solutions for their projects. With experience of more than 12 years and having delivered more than 1000 projects, the only thing we know is to deliver stunning results that will always surpass your expectations

  • Web Development: web_developmentWith an amazing team of developers and designers, we deliver state-of-the-art websites and web applications. We offer a complete range of web development solutions starting from basic informational websites to large SaaS & Cloud applications.


  • Mobile Solutions: The art of engaging a whole new segment of audiences is the virtue of a few. We, over the years have mastered this art. Ranging from simple mobile apps and websites to enterprise mobility solutions, we offer the right set of solutions to your requirements.
  • Enterprise Solutions: In a world where Enterprises want to cut down needless expenses and increase business productivity, we act as a perfect outsourcing partner. Starting from applications that streamline business process management to maintaining your existing applications, Classic Informatics is your one stop solution provider.
  • Digital Marketing: We help you gain enhanced visibility, better positioning, increased customer engagement and improved ROI. We turn passers-by into leads, traffic into conversions and click-throughs into sales.

Solutions for

  • Enterprises: We offer top notch managed outsourcing solutions to Enterprises. Well versed with agile methodology, we provide cutting edge development solutions with great quality.
  • Digital Agencies: With a versatile customer base including top Web development companies, Design agencies, PR & Media houses, we help you deliver stunning solutions to your clients.
  • Start-ups: There is nothing we respect more than ambition and innovation. Having worked with many successful start-ups, we understand the challenges and help turn your ideas into reality!
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs): With dedicated teams specializing in areas such as Cloud & SaaS, Independent testing services, BI solutions etc. We make a perfect outsourcing partner by acting as your extended team.

Delivery Models

Agile Software Development: Ever felt newer technologies suit your requirements better right in the middle of the development cycle? Or changing priorities conflicting current development outcome of the project? Is it too late? No! It’s not. Agile development is the answer Classic Informatics’s agile development process is specially crafted for dynamic requirements and makes use the iterative development model, and the cycle involves the following stages – plan, analyse, design, document, develop and test. Why Agile?

  • Adapts quickly and effectively to constantly evolving requirements
  • Ensures deliverables are high quality
  • Feedback and change requests can be incorporated easily
  • Maintains customer involvement at every stage

The agile process we use is designed for the outsourcing model and makes use of approaches like XP, AUP and SCRUM. Waterfall & Spiral model: Well defined requirements are best suited by traditional development models such as the waterfall and spiral. These models are most appropriate for projects that require step by step execution. The waterfall model is a sequential model that has well defined milestones and stages.  

We can’t wait to work on your business’s success story! Give us a call now!

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