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eCommerce has really taken off lately. And part of this success is the result of the ease with which eCommerce websites can be built. Especially, with Magento. This enterprise-class eCommerce platform took the web development for eCommerce industry by storm. With its ability to deliver high performance and scalable eCommerce solutions, Magento has become the first choice for fast growing as well as large businesses. Whether you are an enterprise, a digital agency or a start-up, with Magento's enterprise-class features and flexibility, you can create eCommerce solutions tailored according to your business's unique needs.

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Today, Magento enjoys the trust of more than 2,00,000 merchants across the globe. Global brands like Samsung, Ford, Fox Connect, Lenovo, Olympus, Men's Heath, Nike and much more have developed their eCommerce portals on the Magento platform. One of the important reasons by Magento has known to become the most preferred eCommerce platform is that it offers completely secure and reliable solutions. But that's something all the other eCommerce platforms that came in the past did too. Today we need more than just security and reliability. And that's where Magento comes into the picture.

Most businesses join hand with top Magento development companies in India to enjoy the advantages that this framework has to offer. Some other advantages of Magento specifying why it is such a successful and popular e-commerce website development solution, are mentioned below:

  • Magento comes with thousands of plugins that offer several different functionalities. It also comes with many extensions that help Magento expert to develop not only an impressive e-commerce website but an eye-catching and efficient website too. Also, extensions reduce the workload of the Magento developers who work on the Magento platform.
  • Another feature that Magento offers is the multi-store facility that makes the websites developed on this platform stand out from websites that has been developed on any other platform. The multi-store facility allows a person to handle multiple online stores simultaneously from a single admin panel. The admin panel also allows one to manage customer orders from different stores from one site and the customer does not have to switch to different sites.
  • Websites built on the Magento platform are search engine friendly. And a search friendly website helps customers find your site with less pain. Magento also provides the search engine friendly tools structure like sitemap, URL writer etc, that help your site become more visible to the search engines.
  • People today are shifting from online shopping while sitting in front of their computers to shop from their smartphones. And Magento is the only e-commerce website development solution that also offers well-mobile-optimized versions of the various e-commerce stores.
  • By getting a Magento development company to build your eCommecre platform, website customization is like a piece of cake. You can add additional extensions to your website. Also, it lets you import vast spreadsheets of product catalogs; manage your newsletters properly; and ensures there are no goof-ups in orders placed through your eCommerce website.

With Magento, it is possible to add more functionality to your website, which means your user experience will only improve and your website will get more and more traffic.

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