Why Startups need MVPs for Mobile App Development? A Roadmap to Success

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Developing an outstanding mobile app and that too with the best-in-class features is not that easy to work on. To achieve this milestone, we have to undergo various practices to satisfy customers expectations. 

I think you all must have agreed with this...

Every Startup has some unique and compelling ideas, to begin with, however, not all of them achieve success. Whether this idea will work or not; will it satisfy customer needs; will it hit the market-all these questions may haunt your dreams. 

If you are owning a startup, then you must have faced these kinds of situations. Did you find the correct outcome while implementing your idea, and the way you want.

If your answer is no, then you should opt for the methodology i.e. MVP. It  undoubtedly helps you to resolve all your queries and at the same time boost your ROI.

 Being a techie, we know that a huge amount of money and a large workforce is invested in the process of mobile app development. From hiring a mobile app developer or graphic designer to the content writer, a lot goes into bringing the top-quality features in just a single app that can hit the market.

Let's move further and make it easier for the upcoming entrepreneurs by introducing them to the most effective concept- MVP!

Minimum Viable Product- Savior for all brand new Startups

Minimum Viable Product has been proved to be a true asset for the startups. Simply putting, MVP is nothing but an early product release.

Sounds interesting....of course, it is...

Here, the definition states

MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is a lean startup methodology that is based on build, measure and learn principle. In relevance to this principle,  a minimum viable product has been developed to be launched in the market to understand the customer's behavior and responses. The customers' feedback are then used to develop the final product which ultimately leads to fewer chances of failure.

Undoubtedly, a lot of money is invested in delivering mobile app development solutions to the end-customers. And at the same time, keeping in mind, that all the features should function properly. There are a lot of things that goes into the establishment of the full-fledged working app, so it is quite difficult to maintain the trust of the target audience and also to maintain regular and latest updates.

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To work on your out-of-the-box-ideas, MVP process to be implemented rigorously round-the-clock to deliver the most successful app that would pop out from your end-users mobile phone most times.

Let's take a sneak peek into the benefits of MVP OR why you should choose the MVP process to implement your app idea.

Why MVP is a need for Startups?

As we all know, MVP is a repetitive process created to identify end-users responses and to determine the proper functionality of the app to fulfill customers' needs.

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1. Reduced Cost Of Development

With the MVP Assistance, as a developer's concern, you can always evaluate whether your mobile app is acting just the way you want it to be. A rich-featured app costs you more, while on the other hand, app having less features involves minimal cost. When using MVP methodology, the mobile app would have only the essential features , which will require fewer resources, and hence developed in a short period of time.

2.  Encounter Security Issues in a better way

In today's scenario, app security is considered paramount, especially when you incorporate the payment facility in the app. MVP process helps you detect security loopholes and resolve them appropriately at the right time. Fixing security issues initially showcase, as the app remains bug- free right from the beginning, and in return boost the conversion rate. This ultimately permits users to seamlessly navigate the app and experience rich GUI. 

3. Develop a much improved version app

The MVP process lets you analyze the pros and cons of the app along with the user's instant responses. It summarizes as whether the app enables to grab the user's attention or not. And, If not, then it's the time to redesign the product and deliver an improved version of the app.

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4. MVP is considered the core of the app

The main aim of the MVP is to focus primarily on the idea of the app and the app features. The lean startup methodology allows you to develop a rich-featured app at a low cost and time. With MVP, startups are at very low risk, as the cost of mobile app development is reduced with the prime features implemented. A well-structured feedback mechanism on a particular product persona will help you to develop a top-class product for a larger audience base.

5. Mensurate the app performance with MVP

The Minimum viable tool has proved to be a quick handy tool for evaluating and rating the performance of the app. The developer can check whether the app is moving in the right direction as it supposed to be. This will make you understand whether you are using the right set of technologies and tools to build the best-in-class app. Saving startups time and money, while executing their idea in the right way is MVPs prime concern.

Big Successes with MVPs

You must have come across various well-known apps like UBER, INSTAGRAM (popular among youth....), SNAPCHAT and many more...

Here, are some of the great successes of mobile apps with MVPs. 



I don't think there is a need to introduce the most popular app dominating the social media market right these days. Yes, it's none other than Instagram.. Today, Instagram is enriched with so many features such as photo sharing, posting, messaging, image filters ,etc. But do you know about it's initial version? Previously users have limited no. of filters when sharing photos. In addition to this, when Instagram was first launched, the play store is filled with numerous no. of photo editing apps.

Slowly and steadily, the app founders create the needful changes after seeing the responses of the customers in the market. They allow users to edit and share a photo at the same and also added some additional message sending/receiving filters in the app. 



UBER- famously known cab booking app also started its journey keeping MVP in mind. It primarily focuses on the good relation between drivers and passengers and also a safe traveling experience. They have added the money payment facilities like credit card, Paytm payments in the app itself to make travelling more easy and convenient. Now, today it becomes the million-dollar business with a plethora of features built-in.



This photo sharing app must have conquered the  space in your mobile phones as it becomes the buzz word among the youth these days. The basic idea behind the app is the exchange of messages and images available  for a short period of time. The masterminds behind this idea are the students of Stanford University that decided to implement an unusual idea in the educational project. Initially, an instant messenger was created by them that self-destructed messages after some time ...10 seconds.. after reading. The app has changed its features completely and now it has covered around more than 166 million users daily.

Not only these three, there are also many other success stories of popular mobile apps that started their unique idea at a very low cost and with the MVP process , and see today they are playing in millions and ruling the market.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex...It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." ~ E.F. Schumacher
Here are some things need to keep in mind while developing MVPs:
  • Selecting the essential features with the right tech stack that deliver the best outcomes for your MVP.
  • Choose the best possible minimal path that allows end customers to accomplish their tasks in the fastest way possible.
  • Today, web development companies prefer to follow the agile methodology to achieve a higher project success rate. While using agile, the developers and the client can enjoy a number of benefits in the development process.
  • Evaluate and measure end-user responses and behavior, and at the same time identify the loopholes.
  • Perform application testing throughout the application, so that MVP will develop faster and release with less no. of bugs.
  • Do the final check of the MVP before release to ensure that the app is bug-free.

mvp process (1)
Wrapping Up

Lastly, I would like to say that, to implement your idea in a smarter way with just fewer resources and minimal costs will need a single thing, and that is.. MVP(Minimum viable product). It will help you to understand your target audience in a better way and in no time which results in the creation of the top-notch, scalable, feature-centric and beautiful app. To rule the market and make you app a blockbuster one,  just go for the MVP process.

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