List Of Top PHP Frameworks You Can Use In 2020

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If there’s a discussion around server-side programming languages, PHP is bound to be the first name to come to your mind. Hypertext Preprocessor aka PHP is one of the most powerful programming languages for the development of web apps. It has been in the web spectrum since 1994 and has changed the way web development takes place. Whether your app is too complex, an enterprise-level app or you simply need an app that is faster and more reliable, PHP is the scripting language that can help you build that. 

One of the main reasons why PHP is still being popular is that it is powering Wordpress! And it’s no surprise that WordPress is behind 34% of the total websites in the world; that is 75 million websites!

Today, there are a number of PHP frameworks that are making the lives of developers and PHP development companies easier by letting them create apps that are more secure, stable, and great with performance. But which framework to use now that you are entering 2020? 

Fret not!

We are here to help you. This blog comprises the top 5 PHP frameworks that you can use for your web development in 2020. So, let’s get started. 


A free and open-source PHP framework, Laravel has managed to gain popularity among the people owing to its unmatched capability of handling complicated web applications. It is a secure framework that is known to simply the process of application development through authentication, security, routing, and caching.

Why Choose Laravel?

  • Laravel offers excellent performance when used for building startup portals and website
  • Large support community
  • Customization for complex applications
  • Smooth & seamless data migration
  • Homestead introduced which is an all-inclusive pre-packaged vagrant box
  • Great for building enterprise application & B2B apps


CodeIgnitor has been a prominent part of the PHP framework universe for over 12 years and has still not lost its importance. The real reason why companies are still hiring CodeIgnitor developers is its small size and footprint. It comes at a size of just 2MB and this comprises the documentation as well. The prebuilt modules that it offers ensure quick and simple setup and development. 

Why Choose CodeIgnitor?

  • Lightweight because of small size (around 2MB)
  • Great for beginners owing to simple configuration and setup process
  • Seamless error handling
  • Faster than other frameworks 
  • Can be used for building dynamic apps running on moderate servers

(Source: https://www.excellentwebworld.com/)


The PHP framework to make it to the list is Zend. As an object-oriented framework, Zend framework uses a multitude of features offered in OOP. These are inheritances, interfaces, and much more. Moreover, it can offer reliable performance, especially for enterprise-level apps development. This framework is built on agile methodology and enables the developers to provide you with a high-performing app. 

Why Choose Zend?

  • Excellent toolkit for front-end development
  • Easy integration & support for third-party components & external libraries
  • Data encryption enablement
  • Great for all enterprise-level projects and complex apps
  • Unmatched documentation
  • Simple when setting up an MVC application 
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Launched in 2005, it has been twelve years since developers have been using Symfony for their application and website development. It has been in the leading PHP framework trend for many years in a row and its popularity doesn’t seem to fade away. Over the year, Symfony, a high-performance PHP framework, has now established its presence as one of the most extensive PHP MVC frameworks. It can be used for the development of dynamic and robust web applications and enterprise solutions. 

Why Choose Symfony?

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • It gives the developers the option of selection own DRM
  • The components of Symfony can be easily integrated into Drupal and other bigger projects
  • High level of flexibility
  • Integration with third-party vendor libraries allowed


Yes, it is! A framework that actually means this is bound to be loved by the developers. This backend development framework offers support to all the developers who want to build a complex and dynamic web application. A majority of the mobile app development companies and developers are using this framework to build powerful apps that perform. It has robust security features and can be used without any two thoughts for developing apps for eCommerce, portals, forums, etc., that require a higher level of security. 

Why Choose Yii?

  • Easy to customize at even the core of the codes
  • Modern web application development at ease
  • Unparallel security features
  • Lesser memory usage than many other frameworks
  • Database data can be modelled in terms of objects to avoid repetition in writing SQL statements 
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Comparing The Top 5 Frameworks

Framework Launch Date URL Github Stars
Laravel June 2011 https://laravel.com/ 56.8k
CodeIgnitor August 2006 https://codeigniter.com/ 17.8k
Zend April 2009 https://framework.zend.com/ 5.7k
Symfony January 2010 https://symfony.com/ 22.4k
Yii December 2008 https://www.yiiframework.com/ 4.9k


Other PHP frameworks like Phalcon, CakePHP, Aura, Slim, and Fuel can also not be left behind. They will also be used by companies to get their applications developed through expert PHP developers. When you are growing your business, getting web development services is the first thing on your mind. With PHP, you can have a scalable and robust website or web app that grows with your business. 

At Classic Informatics, a global web development company, we are enabling enterprises, startups, SMEs and all other organizations make the most of the web by developing excelling PHP web apps. We have the experience and expertise of PHP developers who work on different frameworks to suit your requirements. 

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