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Customer feedback is invaluable for any business. It’s no secret that collecting and analyzing customer feedback is priceless for improving your products and services. Nonetheless, obtaining feedback can be a challenge for most businesses. When asking for customer feedback, you must consider the best way to approach your customers and capture it with the help of customer feedback survey app.                              

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is a collection of the insights, issues, and input shared by the customers about their experiences with the company's products and services. The captured feedback can help in improving customer experience and bringing a positive change in any business; thus, enabling its growth.   

Most Effective Ways to Capture Customer Feedback

Collecting feedback from your customers consistently will help you focus your business growth strategies in the right direction. Feedback is effective when you manage to get it from the right person. Let’s try to understand some of the most effective ways to capture customer feedback.

1. Sending Email Surveys to New Clients - general inquiry of requirements 

Email is one of the best methods to capture customer feedback, especially in the case of new customers. You can make use of each interaction as an opportunity to collect feedback. To maximize the probability of getting feedback from a customer, some things which can be done are:

  • Set Clear Expectations

Sometimes customers don’t prefer giving feedback as they don’t think anyone cares. Try to include short sentences to your emails that will inform people how soon they can expect to hear back from you. Adding a simple statement like, “we’ll get back to within x hours/days” will go a long way to set expectations and build trust within your community.

  • Send Personalized Emails:

The best way to get a direct response from a customer is to ask for one. In email surveys, you can ask for more personalized feedback. When a customer purchases any new product or signs up for more information about your services, you can send out an auto-responder email asking for a single question. Inquire about the issues which consumers are struggling to answer or what features they would love to see. You can even up your email marketing game using dynamic content and personalize each feedback email. It’s also important to ensure that your team has a process in place for replying to these emails, not to disappoint your customers.

2. Sending email surveys to customers post a staged delivery or project delivery - satisfaction using CSAT 

CSAT surveys are used by businesses to measure whether products and services supplied by your company meet or surpass customer expectation. Post-project surveys are one of the best examples of customer satisfaction surveys.

In such scenarios, the customer would receive a CSAT survey a few days after the project completion. As soon as they fill the information, it would quickly become part of the database. It will then be used for making decisions for future projects.

3. Taking regular relationship NPS Surveys 

NPS surveys are mainly used to measure customer loyalty. But it’s also used for providing qualitative feedback to help you improve the overall customer experience. NPS surveys generally consist of a two-part survey question. It will consist of a rating question and a free-response follow-up question to capture comprehensive feedback.

The first part of the NPS Survey will consist of “On a scale from 0-10, how much are you going to recommend us to a friend?.” The second part of the NPS Survey will consist of a free-response follow-up question. It would consist of, “Tell us a bit more about why you chose 8?”

  • NPS is a recognized global system. It will help businesses to benchmark against competitors and keep track of the progress as compared to the rest of the industry.
  • NPS surveys will help in reducing customer churn. It’s important to focus on how well your business is doing and should work on creating promoters.
  • NPS will give you clear pictures of which of your consumers are most likely to recommend you.
  • NPS will allow you to see whether you have more customer advocates or fail to retain any of them. Successful businesses will have customer advocates who will spread positive reviews about them.
  • NPS will help businesses understand how their consumers feel about the products and services they receive and allow them to improve their business at every level.

4. Taking CES Surveys - ease of getting started, ease of getting issues resolved 

Customer Effort Score is a metric used for measuring the amount of effort a customer had to put for making use of a product or service, find the information they require or resolve an issue. Customer Effort Score Surveys play a vital role at every touch-point of the customer’s journey with your business.  

One of the major benefits of using CES surveys is that it will help you achieve user satisfaction by asking questions instantly after an important touchpoint.

When to send CES surveys?

1. After a Purchase:

It’s always recommended to send a CES survey instantly after a consumer has made a purchase will help your business understand how easy or complex the buying process was for them. For example, the survey might consist of a question “How much do you agree with the statement: The company’s website made it easy for me to make the purchase.”

2. After a Subscription Sign-up:

Sending a CES survey immediately after a customer has signed up for a subscription service will help in measuring whether the services are easy to use or not. The survey can be added on the web page as a pop-up and the customers would get familiar with the key features. A perfect example could be, “From a scale of 1-7, to what extent do you agree with the statement: The website is easy to use?”

3. After a Customer Service TouchPoint:

CES surveys are used for testing the effectiveness of any business’s customer service. The probability is high that customers who have bad customer service interactions will take their business somewhere else. Following up with them immediately after an interaction will help you find if the experience of customer support was difficult or not.    

Customers can transform every aspect of a business to a great extent if you listen to their feedback. Capturing positive and negative customer feedback is equally important. There are numerous tools available to capture customer feedback.

Above mentioned methods will help you capture some quality customer feedback for your business. Customer Feedback becomes more valuable when every interaction becomes an opportunity to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback on real exposures with your company.      

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