A First Look At State Of Angular Development in 2020

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For Startups before entering the JavaScript world, it's essential to understand the demand and growth of the latest JavaScript frameworks in the coming years. So,that they can take a wise decision when working with Angular applications.

If you’ve never implemented Angular at all, why not try it once?

This post mainly focuses on the current state and future possibilities of Angular development.

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So, let’s take a quick tour of Angular development

Angular- A brief Introduction

Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework originated by Google based on TypeScript and designed for developing web applications. It comes under the MEAN tech stack and at the same time provides a wide range of code editors. It comes with detailed documentation but has a steeper learning curve.

What Angular Development holds:

  • Writing, testing and documenting JavaScript, HTML ,and CSS components
  • Ensuring high performance of single page applications across all platforms i.e. desktop and mobile
  • Delivering a complete and functional front end application
  • Develop User Interfaces for Rich Internet Applications with latest Front End Technologies
  • Implementation of product analysis and development tasks of complex nature
  • Make robust designs for AngularJS projects
  • Develop application code and perform unit testing in the AngularJS
    angular 2020

JavaScript has already conquered the web world with its outstanding functionalities. Undoubtedly, JavaScript is utilized almost everywhere on the web.

According to a Developer’s Survey 2018, more than 70% of developers write their code in JavaScript.

In addition to this, there are great JavaScript Frameworks stealing the show nowadays. The JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Node.js and React have the largest gap between demand and supply.

Presently, there are many developers in the tech world specialized in these frameworks, but still the number of employers searching for the professionals are in big numbers.

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Six Digit Salaries

Today, JavaScript Framework is continually growing its reputation and dominance in the web development world. According to the 2020 developer survey, JavaScript is considered the second most loved language by the developers.

More than 11 million developers are actively using it on a daily basis. Presently, on Indeed job portal, there are over 29,000 vacancies looking for JavaScript developers in the US.


So what’s the reason behind all this popularity of JavaScript language and high demand for developers?

Any idea?

Let’s find the answer to this question in the given post.

In the tech sector, the turnover rate is the highest, and losing expert employees is costing businesses money.

According to a report, the average JavaScript developer salary in the USA is $113,421 annually or $58.16 per hour.

In USA, the onsite costs of Front end developer(Angular/React) is $88,000 annually. At the same time, if you want to outsource this technical expertise it will costs you $36000.

So, here the difference is quite big. If planning to outsource this expertise than in my opinion you should drop the plan and go for onsite angular development. It will costs you a bit less.

What’s new in Angular 2020?

When you work with Angular framework, you will come across various small and high performance apps. In the year 2020 and beyond, the framework comes with

  • differential loading of modern JavaScript, and
  • Opt-in-Ivy preview
  • Dependency injection for assembling data services for web applications
  • Bazel, a compiling tool for improving file size and producing smaller bundles

In addition to this, a faster building process for an overall enhanced general developer experience will be available soon.

Hence, the current state of Angular is pretty good, and it’s going popular day by day. The web applications are getting featured rich and efficient with Angular framework.

The Angular team of the tech giant, Google completed the Angular 9 updates, and also set target date scheduled for Angular 10 which is probably May 2020.

The Bottom Line

As Angular has much larger dependencies and components built inside, no matter what your application is, Angular has all covered.

You have many features to choose from. A clear set of rules, syntax, and typescripts provided to follow good practices. 

For your clear understanding of Angular Framework, tonnes of articles are present here to learn Angular in depth.

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