Javascript For Full Stack Development (MERN/MEAN) : A Detailed Study

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In the present scenario, developing a web app will give you tonnes of architectural designs to work on. And for making it among the top ones-You have to choose the right tech stack that ensures fast web development, constant iteration, high-level efficiency, speed and many more.

Today, web developers find it difficult to understand which technology they should start with.

The web and mobile app development services have stepped down on to the next level from the last 2-3 years. A Tech stack of various technologies is utilized to build top-notch apps.

Thorough Introduction to JavaScript Development:

JavaScript, I am pretty sure that you all must be aware of this technology. Maybe many of you are currently working on it in your company. And few of you have read tech articles on this at various social media platforms.

So, what’s your take towards it?

No hurry. You can take your time to explore the countless possibilities that JavaScript has to offer.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the in-depth description of JavaScript Development.

Picking the right technology stack for implementing your business idea is never easy. Improving your tech infrastructure always gives you a good kick start.

Let’s move further with a brief JavaScript Introduction:

JavaScript is a very powerful and robust client-side scripting language used for providing a seamless user experience with a web page. JavaScript can make your web page alive on the web. JavaScript developers can easily run the code directly in a web browser. It collaborates with HTML and CSS to build interactive web pages or apps.

 JavaScript provides you more functionality when it comes to APIs.

 The latest version of the language released in June 2018 is ECMAScript 2018.

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Full Stack Development

As the years are passing, users’ demand for a far richer experience from websites is increasing. They are expecting the same level of performance and the interactive environment they used to get with native desktop and mobile apps.

This will lead to an increase in pressure on developers to deliver new applications faster and continually roll-out updates. It will ensure that the application is highly scalable.

But the full stack developers don’t need to worry about all this, there’s a set of brainstorming technologies that make all of this possible.

Simply put, Full Stack Development is the software development process in which a full-fledged software product is developed by a full stack developer from start to end by utilizing a specific tech stack.

A full-stack developer is an individual who is an all-rounder in various streams i.e. Front end, Back end, Database, Mobile App and Testing.  Now, the development arena and the trends are just changed.

Today, the developers carry good expertise in Front end as well as Back end and much more. They are at the limelight in the developing world because of the numerous benefits they deliver.

Web development companies are now rigorously trying to hire full stack developers, who can develop the complete web or app application from scratch, without any disruption in the development process.

According to the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, Full-Stack Web Development is the most popular developer occupation now.

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Why hire a Full Stack developer?

  • Cost Reduction, as there is no need to hire a front end and back end developer.
  • Responsible for the entire design structure and work on any level as required in the development process.
  • Easy to take ownership of design & implementation on a website or an app.
  • Easy to upgrade with new technology and tools faster than someone who is only specialized in front end or back end.
  • A full stack developer provides the flexibility to move from task to task according to the need of the project.

MEAN Stack Development

Mean Stack is simply a set of open-source JavaScript-based components that provides an end-to-end framework for developing dynamic applications.

It develops and simplifies complex websites and at the same time accelerates web & application development. MEAN is the preferred technology for Startups.

The big companies embracing the MEAN approach are Uber, Google, Netflix, and PayPal.

Here the tech stack consists of:

  • MongoDB: A document database that is utilized by your web application to store its crucial data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents
  • Express:  It is a back end web application framework that runs on Node.js
  • Angular: It is a front end web app framework that runs your JavaScript code in the user's browser, permitting your application UI to be dynamic
  • Node.js:  It provides you a JavaScript runtime environment that lets you run your web application back end in JavaScript

Why hire a MEAN developer?

  • Support MVCs (Model View Controller) architecture to make the development process run smoothly
  • The Merger of 4 cutting-edge technologies i.e. MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS, and Node.JS
  • Covers the complete web development lifecycle from front end development to backend development using JavaScript framework
  • It incorporates a pre-built comprehensive set of testing tools
  • It is an open source framework that is backed by community supports.

MERN Stack Development

MERN stack is an integration of technologies used to develop web applications. The MERN stack is a JavaScript framework used for the smooth functioning of the web development process. The set of technologies it includes are Mongo DB, Express, React JS and Node.js.

Here the tech stack consists of:

  • MongoDB: It is a document database that is used by your back end application to store its data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents
  • Express: It is a back end web application framework that run applications on Node.js
  • React JS: It is a JavaScript front-end library for developing user interfaces
  • Node.js: A JavaScript run time environment that lets you run your application back end in JavaScript

Why hire a MERN developer?

  • Full web development cycle from front end development to back end development using JavaScript is covered under this
  • Facilitates the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture to make the development process flow smoothly
  • MERN developers only need to be proficient in JavaScript and JSON
  • Supports with a pre-built extensive suite of testing tools
  • Open-source framework and backed by good community supports.

Top Highlights (MEAN/MERN)

  • Open Source Framework
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Cloud Integration
  • Robust performance

 Putting it all together

Full stack web Development Company is the upcoming sector in the web development arena that will continue to bloom in the near future. A full-stack developer has all the solutions to each and every problem arise in the development process- there is no question left that you cannot answer.

The main advantage these frameworks provide you is the unparalleled freedom to simultaneously work on both front-end and back-end.

Choosing full stack developer is a smart decision to make, it offers you ample job openings with a lucrative remuneration and growth opportunities coming in near future.

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