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In the present scenario, more than 80% of the websites in the web world are developed with the PHP programming language.

Facebook is one of them.

Every single day our tech writers wrote master tech pieces on trending technologies and frameworks-Frontend and Backend both. This time we come up with the upcoming framework that has just marked its presence last year.

In the next couple of minutes, you will have a complete understanding of the most trending Symphony framework in the market right now. It is going to be the most popular framework in the coming years and will rule the back end app development industry.

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Symfony –the oldest PHP framework that was released in 2005 has made his remarkable presence in the web world. Since then and now it becomes the top choice for enterprise web applications.

Now the new version of the symphony framework is round the corner i.e. Symfony 5.0.

In this blog post, you will get to know about the latest Symfony 5.0 and how it makes an impact on businesses. It will give some ideas and preferences to hire PHP developers for working on the Symfony web development framework.

Let’s get started.

Symfony at a Glance

Symfony is a leading feature-rich PHP framework used to develop complex websites and applications faster. Symfony framework can also be used to develop specific functionality in your web application.

Symfony delivers you everything that you are expecting from a framework i.e. speed, flexibility, reusable components, etc.

The developers create applications with Symfony are highly extensible due to modular-based architecture. The web applications are built by making use of bundles and components that is a full-fledged solution for websites and applications of any size and complexity.

The bundles are just like plugins. The advantages of bundles are that they are decoupled. Developers just need to reconfigure and reuse them for many applications to reduce the overall development cost.

The components are generic that low down your routine tasks and permit developers to focus on specific important features. You can use the components independently provided by Symfony and add your custom modules.

The Symfony components can be used stand-alone in other frameworks.

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What’s new in Symfony 5

Symfony 5 is the latest version of the Symfony PHP framework that continues the revolution started by Symfony 4.

Automate Everything

Symfony 5 framework integrates with Symfony Flex flexibly to make the automation process easier. The most important tasks performed by web applications are automated. Enabling bundles and setting configuration is done by Symfony Flex.

The automation leverages the Symfony Recipes, that involves instructions to integrate third-party bundles and packages into Symfony applications.

Super Fast Speed

The web developers that write code in Symfony 5 contain 37,000 fewer lines of code. It runs 7% faster than the previous version. Upgrade your website with this latest PHP framework and make your applications fly.

Rock-solid stability

The Symfony 5 framework incorporates rock-solid stability due to Symfony components and the huge libraries.

New components introduced

Symfony 5 introduces a new String component that provides an object-oriented API to work with UTF-8 Strings using bytes, code points, and grapheme clusters.

You need to create a "slug", trim content, replace text or do anything else on a string that could contain any characters?

Also, Symfony 5 includes a new Notifier component to create and send notifications via SMS, email and chat services like Slack and Telegram.

Symfony 5 also has a secrets management system where sensitive production values can be securely encrypted and stored. It works seamlessly with environment variables.

Symfony Releases History

Symfony releases

Source: Symfony

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Why choose Symfony?

  • Cut down on development time with Automation
  • Increased performance with components
  • Use bundles and components to save time
  • Seamless scalability
  • User-friendly and flexibility
  • Easy customization

 Concluding lines

Symfony 5 aims to enhance the developer experience, and build faster and bug free web apps. All the above factors mentioned collectively make the Symfony framework one of the best frameworks for application development. It's right time to upgrade the developers about this latest framework to get faster results.

We are a global web development company having years of experience in developing web applications on different PHP frameworks. Our expert developers will assist you in web development and make the most of the web by developing incredible PHP web apps that best fits your requirements.

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