Top Web Development Trends For Your Projects In 2022

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DVD rentals were not new, and Netflix was looking to enter a market already ruled by giants like Blockbuster. However, the ease of access made Netflix far more attractive for users and ultimately developed an internet content distribution business. This is where web development revolutionized the entire entertainment industry.

Current Web Development Trends

When you think about all the web development ideas for your project, online content streaming is not the only use case. Since the advent of Web 2.0, the entire website development industry has seen a massive shift in the paradigm leading to new avenues of innovations and advancements. 

This is why there are more than 1.8 billion websites on the internet now with several different use cases. So, if you are looking for top web development trends for your business in 2022, here are some of the best options. 

1. Voice Commerce

One of the top web development ideas in recent years which have revolutionized the entire eCommerce industry is the emergence of voice commerce. Since the advent of smart speakers, more users are now searching for products on such devices. According to Global Market Insights, the smart speaker sales will reach $30 billion in revenues. 

However, smart speakers are not the only medium users using voice search features. For example, according to a report, more than half of smartphone users leverage voice search on their mobile devices. 

The Voice search feature uses Natural Language Programming and speech recognition technology to imitate how humans interact. This makes it more intuitive for users and easier to access the information.

As a web development idea, voice commerce integration into your website or an entire project based on voice search can open new opportunities for your business. However, though voice commerce is an excellent option for your web development projects, one trend has been evergreen when it comes to offering an exceptional user experience- PWAs(Progressive Web Apps).

2. PWAs

If you have ever used Uber or Airbnb’s website, you know the user experience of using PWAs is. Progressive web applications allow you to provide a native-app-like experience for your users. They run on multiple devices and can be accessed through any browser with a lightweight characteristic for a seamless user experience. This is why 9% of eCommerce companies invested in PWAs in 2021, and 8% more are planning to invest in this trend which will further grow in 2022.

At its core, a progressive web application is a website that takes advantage of native functionality and improves the user experience. It is an excellent option for businesses to have website functionality working even when disconnected from the internet.

When data reaches the desired device from the online application, a cache is created. Each time your web application goes offline or a low-intensity network, it will load the cached data. When the web application comes back online, the data stored in the indexed database of your browser will automatically reach the user device.

However, your system needs a service worker for seamless data synchronizations and higher availability of functionality. What makes PWAs one of the top web development ideas is their ability to allow businesses to reach new markets and regions where internet network intensity is low.

Another trend that has been quite popular in recent years is the dark mode. It allows users to have a dark theme-based web experience easy on the eye.

3. Going Dark

Before you consider the conversion of such web development ideas, you need to understand the intent behind dark mode. Why do people want dark mode, and what is the value on offer? Are the critical questions that will define whether it’s worth all the hype.

According to research, exposure to bright light can suppress melatonin secretion, which helps you sleep. Dark mode reduces the exposure to bright light, especially on the Amoled or OLED screens on smartphones.

For web development, considering a dark theme can improve the user experience and save energy on user devices. This is why 89.1% of mobile users use dark mode on their smartphones, and another 9.9% prefer to switch between light and dark themes.

From Youtube to Apple and even Amazon, tech giants prefer dark mode for UI development and provide an enhanced user experience. Similarly, single-page applications or SPAs are another top web development trend that is quite popular among giants like Twitter, Facebook, and others.

4. SPAs

Single Page Applications or SPAs load the entire web page, and later, the dynamic content is loaded. This allows faster website loading, making the whole experience seamless for users. In addition, each time there is a data update, or you need to load the dynamic content, it does not need to reload the website.

There are several benefits of using a SPA for your web development like:

  • Improved page loading speed which helps in enhancing the user experience

  • SPAs come with developer tools that make the debugging process easier

  • Support for low-intensity network and offline capabilities

  • The minimalistic design makes it easier to navigate for users.

SPAs are an excellent choice for your web development, but you are bound to get a hit on the userbase without a secure website.

5. Website Security

Website security is one of the most significant web development trends as it is necessary for your business and user’s data security. For example, according to IBM, it takes about 280 days to find a cyber-attack and costs around $3.86 million. However, some solutions can improve the cybersecurity of your website.

Take an example of encryption-based solutions which can help your website with excellent security and data protection. For example, SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificate allows you to implement HTTPS protocol which secures the communication between browser and user’s device.

Here, it is essential to understand that an SSL certificate from a recognized certificate authority or CA can help your website retain trust among customers. If your website, for example, runs on a single domain then, you can go with a few recommended SSL certificates from reputed CAs like Sectigo, Comodo, GlobalSign. For single domain security, you can find low price comodo positive SSL certificate from Comodo. The certificate is cost-effective and can be installed rapidly.


Web development is more than just a tool for the digital transformation of your business; but at the same time, it is the face of your organization to which users interact. So, it would help if you kept up with what users want and need for an enhanced web experience.

Therefore, you need to transform web development ideas into a reliable platform that includes the latest trends and provides a fantastic user experience.

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