What Technology Stack Suits Your Startup? Here is The Ultimate Guide for Non-tech Entrepreneurs

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The journey towards a successful startup includes both the idea behind it and the way it is technically implemented. While you might have just the right idea, technical know-how may not be your strong suit.  

The first ever question that arises while taking your startup idea on a technical journey is “Which tech stack suits your startup the best?” This question can be really daunting for non-tech entrepreneurs. However, it is an inevitable question!

A startup technology stack is the foundation stone of your startup, which will determine its future growth. It is, technically, a combination of software products and programming languages, which are used to create a website or a mobile app, constituting both the server-side and the client-side.

The basic challenges that you may face during your startup product development include:

  • Selection: As a newbie in the technical field, you are likely to be swayed by the words of a developer. Developers, although experts, will guide you towards what suits them the best. It is, therefore, crucial that you understand your need and determine a tech stack that you will most likely want to work with.
  • Cost: Startups have limited budgets. When you choose a tech stack for yourself, you should look out for the most-value-for-money option. You should focus on acquiring the best quality stack at the most affordable price!
  • Time: Time is another constraint that you will need to consider while the app is being developed. Your idea should be implemented within a reasonable span of time.
  • Quality: Compromising on the quality of the stack due to limited funds is certainly not a solution. The app must be user-friendly, easy-to-change and maintain, efficient, scalable, and performant.

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Primary Concerns before Choosing a Tech Stack


Although the price is a great influencer, the type of product also substantially affects the tech stack. The stack for the content-based product is very different from a video conferencing app.

Know Your Product

Explore the space that your problem occupies and see the tools and technologies that are most commonly used by other startups within the same domain. Ask for suggestions from your developer, follow your customer and the product, and then choose your tech stack.

Know Your Ecosystem

Question the size of the ecosystem that is behind the programming language which is being considered, the number of online tutorials, the number of StackOverflow questions as well as the conferences available. Keep an eye on Google Trends and any public interest in the software. Comprehensively research your potential choices.

Future-proof Technology

The technology that you plan to develop should have the potential to grow with the business. This will save you a lot of effort, time, and money in the future.

Flexible and Scalable Technology

The best technology for startups is scalable in the future. The technology that you choose must have a long-term market and technological support groups. If you opt for rarer technologies, be prepared to pay more and hunt for potential developers.

Agile Technology is the Key

Agile technology is always a favorable choice. Waiting to perfect an app before release may entail wasting a lot of time in an ever-evolving digital world. An agile methodology allows the release of the operational aspects of the app, which can reach the masses. In the meantime, you may work on updates and release them from time to time. Not only does this reduce the time taken for the product to reach the market but also allows the app to gain technological supremacy over its competitors.

The process you choose significantly impacts the delivery time of apps. The up-to-date and rapid SCRUM should always be your preference over traditional project management. This data-based, iterative decision-making process delivers the greatest amount of value in the shortest span of time.

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Technological Assistance is Our Backbone

Evaluating each point for a perfect technological stack is not really viable for a person who does not have a technical background. However, we can help you in the following ways:

1. Technology Selection

We help you evaluate your options, select the most suitable option, and leverage a cutting-edge technology stack for your startup product development. We also provide support for the development and selection of database stacks, consultancy, cloud enablement, and support. DevOps enablement is one of the many services that we offer to facilitate your startup’s technological journey.

2. Remote Teams

We allow you to consummately supervise the involvement of the tech team in your workspace. This team of expert and agile developers, strategists, and project managers will always be at your disposal, allowing you to run a check and correct issue points whenever they arise.

3. Dedicated Developers

If you prefer direct engagement with developers without any management layers, we can provide you with a team of dedicated developers. They will work exclusively for you in any project that you allocate to them.

4. Agile Practices using SCRUM

SCRUM encourages data-based, iterative decision-making in which the primary focus is to deliver products to satisfy customer requirements in the shortest possible time by guaranteeing authenticity. We employ the best agile practices to build products swiftly and well. The agile nature of SCRUM allows apps to stand out in a dynamic technical world by continuous monitoring, unification, delivery, and testing.

Technical decision-making is both about technology and the business. Familiarity, community, hiring, and scalability are the points that you must consider while choosing up a tech stack for yourself.

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Last updated on 20th Februrary 2020

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