Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks In 2020 For Front-End Development

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The JavaScript Universe is all set to witness the end of the decade with the end of 2019! The past decade had been incredible for JavaScript development as new trends ruled the world and new versions of the frameworks emerged. Many new JavaScript frameworks also entered the market and while some managed to gain popularity, others died a slow death. 

Many frameworks like React slowly and steadily conquered the JS kingdom and overthrew all other frameworks. Many reigning frameworks had to accept defeat and give way to the new, modern frameworks laced with the latest features. 

The web development companies loved these new frameworks and leveraged each of their features to create futuristic applications for themselves as well as for their clients. Enterprises, startups, SMEs & SMBs, and all other businesses awaited the launch of new frameworks and latest versions to get their apps built around them. And that’s how they succeeded!

The JS universe is indeed very dynamic and staying updated with the latest JavaScript framework is the only way to survive when you plan to build a new web or mobile app. As we enter into 2020, let’s throw light onto the top 10 JavaScript frameworks in 2020 for quicker, profitable, and seamless development. 

#1 React

Developed by Facebook, React has been ruling the JS Universe since 2018. This JavaScript framework is very effective in creating interactive user interfaces. Although React is not a complete framework, this has never hindered its popularity. Companies have been hiring React developers for the development of their apps. It would indeed be one of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2020. 

javascript frameworks 2020- react

It has Concurrent Mode and the Suspense model that enable developers to develop more feature-rich apps. The concurrent mode would enable the app to focus on the tasks that have higher priority, like interacting with the users and their inputs. Suspense mode, one the other hand, would allow data fetching when required while suspending it when not. 

Clubbed together, these two modes will keep developers glued to React and perform new experiments with their app development in 2020

GitHub: https://github.com/reactjs

Top React Apps: Netflix, Facebook, WhatsApp, YahooMail, NY Times, and many more

#2 Vue.js

Created by Evan You, an ex-engineer in Google, in 2014, Vue was an unknown name in the JS universe until 2018. Despite being the youngest in the JS library, Vue has gained extreme popularity in the past two years. One of the main reasons behind its raging popularity is its front-end security. While React and Angular have been concerned with security risks, Vue that was downloaded over 40 million times in the past 12 months, had only 4 direct vulnerabilities and that too have been fixed (Sync 2019 report). 

javascript frameworks 2020- vue-1

Its ease of integration with other languages and a simple set-up process make it extremely popular among the developers and get it counted among the best front end frameworks in 2020. 

GitHub: https://github.com/vuejs

Top Vue Websites: WebMD, Gitlab, 9gag, Nintendo, Wizzair, Laravel, and many more

#3 Angular

Angular has been the ruler of the JS universe for long. Over the years, this framework has undergone a lot of updates and upgrades. In 2020, Angular development will mark its turn with the launch of Angular 9 which was announced at the AngularConnect 2019. Many developers have migrated through the different versions of Angular but owing to its many flexibilities, Angular 1.x versions are also still in high demand. 

javascript frameworks 2020- angular

Built on TypeScript, Angular ecosystem has a command line interface, set of modules for Angular projects, zone implementation, RxJS and the Observable pattern for communication with server-side apps, Angular Universal, and Angular Augury for various functionalities. There are no doubts that Angular would gain momentum and become one of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2020. 

GitHub: https://github.com/angular/angular

Top Angular Apps: PayPal, The Guardian, Upwork, jetBlue, and many more

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#4 Ember.js

For the mobile app development companies, the one JavaScript Framework that would gain immense support would be Ember. Working on the Model-View-ViewModel or MVVM pattern, this open-source framework will become a popular choice among the JS developers for building mobile apps and single-page web app. 2019 saw the release of Ember 3.13 which had bug fixtures, improved performance, and tracking for updates or changes in Ember apps. 

javascript frameworks 2020- ember

Having an intricate architecture, Ember is great for building large and complex client-side apps quickly. Ember CLI is also a great feature that will keep the developers coming back for Ember in 2020 as well. 

Github: https://github.com/emberjs

Top Ember Apps: LinkedIn, Apple Music, Square, Vine, Nest Store, and many more

#5 Node.js

Known among developers as the best cross-platform app development framework, node’s popularity will rise in 2020 with the rise in demand of cross-platform apps. Running on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, node.js is known for building light-weight applications that are unparalleled in performance. 

javascript frameworks 2020- node

This JavaScript runtime environment comes packed with an event-driven architecture that can efficiently drive asynchronous I/O. Its features include full-stack software development, high scalability, and an easy learning curve. 

GitHub: https://github.com/nodejs/node

Top Node.js Apps: GoDaddy, GroupOn, IBM, Yahoo, and many more

#6 Backbone.js

Another framework to make it to the list of the top 10 JavaScript framework in 2020 for front-end development is Backbone.js. Launched in 2010, the event-driven communication feature of Backbone.js makes it a strong competitor in the battle of framework even after a decade and gets it to the list of the best front end frameworks 2020. 

For those who have a path-breaking idea and want to develop an out-of-the-box app, Backbone is the framework for it. You can also get complete support for RESTful APIs and is even considered for successful MVP development

GitHub: https://github.com/jashkenas/backbone

Top Backbone Apps: Trello, FourSquare, SoundCloud, AirBnB, BaseCamp, and many more

#7 Meteor.js

A JavaScript framework that is excessively used for building real-time web-based applications, it is Meteor.js. Created using node.js environment, this framework comes with a full range of packages and libraries. It can simplify cross-platform app development and enables rapid prototyping. 

javascript frameworks 2020- meteor

This framework is also gaining popularity owing to its automatic transmission of data to clients by employing Distributed Data Protocol. It also assists the mobile app developers in writing synchronization codes. Its Blaze templating engine also pulls many developers towards it. 

GitHub: https://github.com/meteor/meteor

Top Meteor Apps: Astronomer, Databazel, Pintask, Illustreets, Doolpoll, and many more

#8 Polymer.js

Another open-source framework that has entered the list of top JavaScript frameworks for 2020 is the framework that was introduced by Google, Polymer. This framework supports both two-way and one-way binding that makes mobile app development less complicated. 

Polyfills, offered by polymer.js, allow developers to create interactive web apps with elements that are easy to customize and reuse. What got this framework so much fame and distinction is its ability to let developers build applications using web components.

GitHub: https://github.com/Polymer/polymer

Top Polymer Apps: YouTube Gaming, Google Earth, Coca-Cola, and many more

#9 Express.js

Another framework to gain momentum in the JS universe in 2020 is Express. Combined with another JS framework Node.js, this framework works effectively in creating high-performance web apps and APIs. It won't be surprising to see Express rise as one of the best front-end frameworks in 2020. 

It is fast; it is minimalist, and it is unopinionated. You can create highly performing web apps on this framework. Developers also love this JS framework for its added flexibility, extensibility, simplicity, and individuality. 

GitHub: https://github.com/expressjs/express

Top Express Websites: Yummly, MySpace, LearnBoost, and many more

#10 Mithril.js

Lastly, the final framework to make it to the list of top JavaScript frameworks in 2020 is Mithril.js. It is a very popular JS framework when it comes to developing single-page applications for all kinds of projects, especially client-side projects. The built-in modules in Mithril are great for XHR, Routing, and even customizable data binding out of the box. 

As its size is less than 10kbb gzip and does not have any dependency on any other libraries, it is super fast in loading. This minimalist framework has an API that is similar to use as API. Owing to is fast speed, high performance, and simplicity, Mithril would gain more popularity in 2020. 


Top Mithril Apps: Vimeo, Nike, Lichess, and many more

Summing Up

Choosing a framework for your business from the wide range of JavaScript frameworks available in the market is not a cakewalk. With this list of top 10 JavaScript frameworks for 2020, we tried to help you be prepared with what you can expect in the coming year. Any of these frameworks could be best-suited for your business. All you need to do is analyze your requirement and weight the frameworks accordingly.

javascript development frameworks

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