Angular 9 To Release Soon: What You Need To Know

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AngularConnect 2019 announced that the launch of Angular 9.0.0 is scheduled in October/November 2019. However, the launch of this Google-driven JS framework has been pushed to 2020. The reason- they didn’t want the teams to get bombarded with work during the holiday season in case they wanted to upgrade to Angular 9 immediately.

The Angular 9 Release Candidate (RC) was launched on October 31, 2019. The main version's release was scheduled for this month but in a tweet on December 17, Google Engineering Manager, Jules Kremer made the delay of Angular 9 release official. 

However, there's good news! This gives you some extra time to understand the Angular v9 so that you can upgrade to it as soon as it is launched and make full use of the cool new features it has. 

New Features You Will See

Although there is nothing new to work on with Angular 9, there are a few features of Angular 9 that are creating anticipation among the developers and businesses planning to build an application. It is expected that Angular 9 would help build smaller apps that would be faster to load and easier to use. There are many features of Angular 9 that would compel the developers to upgrade to this new version of Angular. Here are some of these: 

  • Optimized performance owing to smaller bundles
  • TypScript Diagnostics Format is supported by Angular 9
  • Default setting for Ivy Compiler
  • Angular Ivy gets Internationalization support in tsi update
  • Selector-less directives can be added as base class using the Ivy feature of Angular 9
  • More scopes in ProvidedIn supported by Angular 9 
  • Smaller bundles would provide support for the better performance and quicker loading of the applications built using Angular 9
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Why Is This Version Release Anticipated

Angular 8 made quite a number of bug fixes and performance upgrades that were essentially loved by the developer community. As the most popular and favorite platform for the development of client-side applications, Angular 8.3’s latest upgrades were well-embraced by the people. However, at the AngularConnect event in September, the Angular team announced the launch of Angular 9. Andas per the announcement, one of the biggest goals of launching Angular 9 was to ensure that the Ivy Compiler is made available for all the apps in the Angular universe. 

This announcement added to the anticipation of the Angular community. Here are some of the major reasons Angular 9 is being badly awaited by the Angular developers and Angular development companies.

Ivy Will Improve Angular Performance

The biggest reason behind Angular 9’s growing popularity is that it comes with Ivy Compiler for all applications built using Angular. By default, Ivy would become the compiler in all the Angular apps for front-end development that this would make the bundles smaller, optimize the app performance by increasing loading speed. 

Ivy Compiler is the renderer that would transform and compile the Angular Templates into codes of JavaScript. As Angular is a mix of components from TypeScript, CSS, and HTML, they need to be compiled into JavaScript first so that any web browser can consume them. Earlier, it was ViewEngine that would transform these components into JavaScript codes but now Ivy would replace it altogether. If you hire Angular developers in India from the top companies, you need not worry about the performance as they will implement changes from the latest version as well. 

The JavaScript bundles created with Ivy are way too small in size compared to bundles created using ViewEngine. 

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(Source: dev.to)

Earlier, the below-mentioned code had to be added to the tsconfig.json file for calling out the Ivy rendered in Angular 8

: "angularCompilerOptions": {  

  "enableIvy": true  


With Angular 9, this would be done automatically. 

Regardless of the application size, Ivy would be able to reduce the app size by a large margin. Here are some of the features of Ivy that would help improve performance:

  • No storage of public input names in two locations
  • No repetitions of tNode.initialInputs reads with Ivy
  • Transplanted views get an improvement in performance
  • The micro-benchmarks generated during creation time are fixed
  • Consts array gets all the local references
  • Empty bindings would be handled separately in template type checker

There are many other features in Angular 9 that would be offered once Ivy Compiler becomes the default compiler. The top Angular development company in India would be constantly following up with these new trends and updates in Angular universe to help their clients stay up to date. 

Angular 9 Has Undergone Rigorous Testing

There has been a lot of buzz around this! It is said that no version of any JavaScript language has ever been tested so rigorously as Angular 9 has been. Even the initial release of Angular v2 was tested the way Angular 9 has. This is because Angular v2 had a very small community and the feedback was also limited. But with Angular 9, the Angular v8 community had grown exceptionally, thus the feedback received by Angular 9 were also high. The RC and beta users of Angular 9 comprised the largest community that ensured this version was tested the most.

Even the upgrades made to the v9.0.0 of Angular are directly executed in the Google projects owing to the version control system that is used by Google. 

It Has Exceptional Google Support

The RC mode of Angular 9 is in processing and if there are any queries from the users or any feedback, the angular community would certainly look into it. Once it is launched, the community would divert its attention to Angular v10 and the support would not be there. This is why the right time to upgrade to Angular 9.0.0 is during its RC phase when the teams would be readily available to provide complete assistance. 

With Angular 9 expected to be launched in the first month of 2020 itself, the developer community would be eagerly awaiting to add new and cool features to their front-end development projects. The PR version of Angular 9 is already gaining a lot of popularity and it seems that Angular 9 would definitely get Angular back in the race of JavaScript frameworks in 2020. 

You can get in touch with us to hire Angular developers who have gained complete knowledge around Angular 9. They can help you with a smooth application migration and upgrade from Angular v8 to v9 once it is officially launched. We are a global web development company that has won accolades for its Angular development. So don’t wait for the final show, get our assistance with the pre-release version as well to stay ahead in 2020. 

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