Marketing Automation With Drupal-Things Every Marketer Should Know

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In the fast-running digital market space, where every second is crucial for the marketing industry to deliver inevitable user experience, fast customer responsiveness, and enhanced productivity, enterprises should start leveraging the marketing automation system in a full-fledged manner to take their game to the next level.

Marketing is the backbone for both B2C and B2B companies and is considered an essential component that optimizes potential conversions. The traditional marketing practices and the workflow include repetitive tasks hindering the productivity of the team. Earlier instead of focusing on enhancement and growth, the irrelevant consumes the maximum time and energy leaving behind less productivity and growth.

Hence, the evolution of marketing automation tools can be brought in to integrate marketing strategies and automate activities that can fasten the process with ease.

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A Glimpse of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software is designed to streamline and simplify marketing responsibilities such as landing pages, emails, web, etc.  It helps in automating processes via marketing automation tools, so in a way, it becomes simpler for marketers to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on urgent ones.


From sales roles to tracking processes across multiple channels, the software automatically triggers actions based on customer behavior. It plays a crucial role in the day-to-day work productivity of an organization.

The best automation tools integrated with Drupal help you easily identify the target audience and deliver the right kind of content for that targeted audience.

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Why Marketing Automation Tool is Crucial For Businesses?

Eliminating manual application or processing for emails, automation tool lets you get instrumental with digital marketing strategies and also advocates AI applications like chatbots to automate the delivery of information.

Let’s dig out some key principles or advantages of marketing automation tools.

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Tracking Visitors

The tracking of visitors is one of the most powerful capabilities of marketing automation that facilitates tracking of each visitor's activities for a better understanding of the market trends.

Real-Time Sales Notifications

A Marketing Automation tool provides real-time sales notifications based on set parameters and guides us in the right direction as to when to follow up.

Lead Scoring

For the alignment of marketing and sales teams, lead scoring and grading analyses the activity levels to ensure that the prospects match your ideal prospect profile.

Dynamic Content

With Marketing automation assistance, you can create customized buying experiences digitally by showcasing content dynamically based on who is viewing your site. Moreover, when you have integrated your marketing automation tool with a digital experience platform like Drupal, you have the insights required to 

Email Marketing

Instead of just doing basic emailing, email marketing software helps create email templates that go with your brand guidelines, test for SPAM filters, and perform advanced email reporting for specific audiences. Not only this, automation tool help in converting raw leads which are later turned over to the Sales team. It guides in tracking prospective customer activities on your blog/website, including automated follow-ups to ensure timely engagement and nurturing of leads.

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Marketing Automation can bring you a myriad of advantages like:

Check out some of the key advantages of marketing automation that enable you to connect with your customers faster and too with increased sales.

Increase your sales cycle

Lead scoring and nurturing tools facilitate you with warm leads, and also helps you generate Marketing Qualified Leads. The nurturing process requires human interaction further to convert them into Sales Qualified Leads.

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Low down traditional costs while doubling ROI

In today’s digital scenario, one person can easily handle the job of nearly 30 marketing and salespeople with the help of automated marketing tools which let you conduct campaigns and several programs on auto-pilot.

Earlier traditional marketer sources 31% in the pipeline, on the other hand, the person automating it sources 45%.

As per the research conducted by eMarketer, conversion rates go as high as 50% in B2C.

Conduct frequent timeless tests

Marketing automation permits businesses to test various options for email messages, landing pages, online forms, and more.

For instance, timing can be a constraint when a customer just opening an email, reading an email, or deleting an email without giving a second thought.

Hire remote developers from India

With marketing automation, the frequency with which companies send messages, the phrases they use in subject lines, and the call-to-action can all be adjusted and tested to easily determine the most engaging combination for consumers. It helps in gaining faster results in no time.

Improve numerous processes

Several processes need to be taken care of time-to-time when leads flow into when they reach absolute conversions. Accountability across your marketing and sales team can be improved with a clear insight into the processes which are lagging behind or not contributing.

Drupal + Marketing Automation = Faster Response Time To Customers

Drupal is open-source software and involves a massive developer community that updates it regularly. You can say, the main strength of this software is flexibility and scalability.

Drupal 10 is so flexible, you can integrate it with almost everything like Google Analytics, Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, and so on. Drupal acts as a nervous system for your marketing technology in a rapidly changing technology landscape.


The US Marketing Automation Software industry is a $6.1B market in 2019, growing 20%+ annually – SharpSpring “Investor Presentation Jan 2019”.

The core strength is the big community, inventing new modules and integrations as per market requirements and pushing cutting-edge innovation.

The digital integration of marketing automation tools will create a huge difference in the coming times for marketing communication. Due to this, these software tools and technologies will make it easier and faster to incorporate seamlessly with a Drupal-based website through custom modules.


75% of marketers say they currently use at least one type of marketing automation tools.

Drupal Best Marketing Automation Modules

Here are some best marketing automation modules that Drupal is integrated with.


This marketing automation module will cover all your basic tracking needs with the simple integration of its javascript tracking code. Additionally, you can also configure submission information from any web form on your Drupal website to send on Hubspot for well affirming your needs. To start with, their documentation on shall be more sufficient.


The Salesforce project is a robust suite of modules that can push data from Drupal to Salesforce, and pull from Salesforce to Drupal. The Salesforce Suite synchronizes Drupal entities with Salesforce objects, so it goes quite a way beyond simply sending information from Drupal to Salesforce.

Depending on the scale of your integration, the configuration and the use of this module can be complicated, so be sure to check the documentation available on

Cloudwords for Multilingual Drupal

Cloudwords is the module that can make you reach multiple customers faster with its ability to deliver global campaigns and localized assets with speed and scale. Giant brands like Microsoft, Oracle, and Fitbit, use the high-quality and timely content delivery offered by Cloudwords.

It provides a flexible and efficient way to manage the process of localizing the content and helps you establish a better marketplace for your brand in no time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking your progress and permits statistical support for your marketing processes. Companies invest in this module to determine their traffic and website views that can be converted into leads. The biggest advantage of Google Analytics is the real-time data. You can have access to features like domain tracking, User ID and message tracking, Adsense support, etc.


Eloqua is another useful module that helps streamline your sales process and enhances demand and revenue generation management. The quality data it fetches from your customers’ feedback provides an ample amount of boost for sales to a manifold in a short span of time.

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Why Install the Drupal Marketing Automation Modules?

Let’s have a look at a few good reasons to use a contributed module over your custom integration:

3rd party scripts and embeds often get updated and can break your site: With the layer of abstraction, you are not required to maintain the 3rd party plumbing that sits behind the module. When the code changes from the 3rd party, the module will get updated and the site admin only needs to update the version to incorporate those new changes. Like if you have Drupal 8, you should plan for Drupal 9 migration. Similarly, as the latest Drupal 10 is expected to be released in December 2022, is required to quickly shift to the latest version of drupal 9 so that you can seamlessly update once it is released. 

Deeper Drupal Integration: Here, we also have a user-friendly UI for configuring the various aspects of the marketing automation service, such as visitor tracking that helps with lead scoring.

Community support for your module: When you use a module you have the community filing bugs, submitting patches, and offering ideas for how to improve the project.

Last Words

In the end, all I can say is that Drupal can help you implement marketing most economically and efficiently. Marketing automation with Drupal is the way ahead for businesses to design and deliver excellent experiences. Drupal development facilitates enterprises in evaluating the levels of engagement their site provides to potential and existing customers.

With the increasing consumer demands and data growth, progressive companies looking forward to emerging technologies to lead in an era of intelligent and automated customer experiences.

Classic Informatics delivers the best CMS solutions and marketing solutions to its clients worldwide and helps businesses boost ROI and growth.

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