Why Laravel Is The PHP Framework For Startups

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Laravel is one of the most optimum PHP framework available in the market. It is an open source framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011 that allows the PHP web applications to be built in the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern (MVC). The MVC pattern enables you to develop any kind of website in a hassle-free manner.

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Laravel usage statistics- CIPL

  • The Laravel framework has seen a consistent rise in its usage over the past one year, with the top 1 million, top 100k, and top 10k websites showing a considerable increase in their numbers as compared to last year.
  • The United States leads the number of websites using the Laravel platform (9,341), followed by Netherlands (5,516), Brazil (4,765), and Russia (4,765).

Why choose Laravel for your Startup?

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce website or a portal for your startup, you will need a number of customizations and features to improve your website’s interactivity to engage your customers. Some of the salient factors that makes Laravel the ideal choice for your website are:


Laravel offers you the support of a community of dedicated developers from all over the world. They can help you in fixing all your problems by providing standard solutions and tips to provide the best experience for you.

In addition, Laravel also provides comprehensive documentation that allows you to self-learn and improvise with the different components of the framework.

Enhanced Performance

Every startup requires a certain level of performance booster to increase their popularity and clientele. Laravel provides a unique set of features such as multilingual support and optimized security to an application so that you can maximize its potential and performance. Besides, Laravel also provides native support to Memcached and Radis caching systems.

With Laravel, you can boost up the performance of your apps. Its cache driver allows you to store different cached objects, that allows you to develop applications quickly.


Laravel provides you a dozen of features in a single interface.

  • Seamless Authentication: Every web application owner requires a secure authentication to ward off any unauthorized users. Laravel simplifies the authentication system for you while keeping it safer. It provides you the ability to control the resources so that no unauthorized user is able to access them. Besides, it is out of the box configuration allows you to configure and customize it with ease.
  • Eloquent ORM: The Laravel framework is equipped with an in-built Eloquent ORM. This system allows you to work with different databases through ActiveRecord implementation and allowing you to carry out various database functions without writing complex SQL queries.
  • Blade Template Engine: Laravel supports MVC architectural design which allows you to construct web applications while keeping user interface and different business logic layers at a separate level. In addition, Laravel is also equipped with Blade template engine which allows to use plain PHP code, unlike other frameworks.
  • Top-notch Security: Confidentiality and privacy of the customer data is always a priority for every type of e-business. Hence, every website, whether it’s an e-commerce company or any other business firm require a highly effective security system to safeguard the data against any kind of malicious threat. Laravel provides top-notch security features that protect your customer’s data from different types of data intrusions. The framework provides comprehensive security cover against sophisticated attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site forgery requests. In addition, it also protects your code base from any kind of security threats, thus, providing an all-round security solution.
  • Less Time Consuming: By using Laravel, you can develop web applications in an easy and quick manner. It simplifies the whole process of PHP web development by minimizing the use of complex codes. The entire framework is based on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, which provides you the complete infrastructure required to build a website, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • Maximize your Audience Reach: Laravel framework allows you to maximize your audience reach by providing specific features such as multilingual application development support and multiple platform support. With these features, e-commerce companies can reach out to a maximum number of people living in different parts of the world. Thus, helping you to maximize your business potential.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: Popular web apps attract a lot of traffic. With the increase in network traffic, the application has to handle a large number of user requests every second. This results in increase of the hosting costs of the application. Moreover, with the accumulation of heavy traffic, the web servers become non-responding that leads to data loss. With Laravel, you don’t have to worry for such situations as it provides a unique message queue system at the start of every project development. This function proliferates efficient load balancing and keeps your server healthy ensuring data integrity and smooth running of operations.

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Laravel vs Symfony: Why Laravel wins the Battle?

Laravel vs. Symfony- CIPL

Laravel and Symfony are the leading PHP-based web application frameworks. Both of these frameworks are somehow related to one another as Laravel was built using Symfony 2 components. However, over the past few months Laravel has gained a lot of popularity due to its ease of use, interactivity, and customization ability. In addition, there are a number of advantages of the Laravel over Symfony:

  • Highly popular among the PHP web developers all around the world with over 1 million websites from around the globe.
  • Allows a number of advanced options to build queries.
  • Simplified authentication process inbuilt in the framework. This ensures that authentication remains an easy process for the users.
  • Ability to handle new application events at the object level as compared to string level in Symfony.
  • Laravel provides a sophisticated version control system which ensures seamless database management.
  • Ability to generate new tools within the framework to help you develop apps more effectively.

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Migrating to Laravel: Important factors to consider before choosing Laravel Developers for your project

It is important to evaluate a few considerations while choosing Laravel Developers for your project. Some of these factors are:

Laravel developers provide comprehensive integration and customization facility for your website. With their profound knowledge in Laravel, you are provided with competent solutions that are effective as well as efficient.

 Developers can provide multilingual support for your website. With multilingual support, you can maximize your audience reach.

A wide plethora of templates allows you to select the layout of your choice. With these templates, web app development becomes even easier.

Built-in HTTP middleware regulates the user authentication and grants access to registered users only.

Laravel incorporates a command-line tool for the developers known as the Artisan. This tool ensures that the developers do not perform any repetitive task

The Laravel Schema builder is an interactive tool that streamlines the construction of database tables.

Last updated on 21st feb 2020

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