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Jack Ma along with his 17 co-founders introduced Alibaba with an initial investment of $5 million.

Alibaba launched by Jack Ma was declared as the biggest profitable E-commerce retail platform globally in the year 2016. Having a market value of $231 million, it was truly unstoppable and unbeatable by any other company.

Can you imagine how this Chinese boy enjoyed massive success overnight?


To know more you need to scroll the page and read the inspiring stories of successful startups.

Firstly, let's go through a bit about software outsourcing.

Leveraging software outsourcing and remote developers is the secret behind every brand's success story. The expansion of global markets and advancements in technologies has changed the entire arena of how businesses work. Today, digital innovations are transforming business cultures and making the world a tech-savvy place to live.

Software development outsourcing is the hottest topic of debate among techies.

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Big companies practise software outsourcing these days to engage in remote work to help employees find maintain work/life balance and acquire the top best talent. For the last couple of years, software outsourcing has become an integral part of business management on a global level. It is considered no riskier these days.

 Why Startups chooses software outsourcing?

  • lower development cost and time;
  • increased growth and scope
  • Streamlined code and operations
  • greater focus on product and  service quality

A Glance at Successful Stories of Top Brands

Slack: Where work happens

Heard about Slack?

Slack is used as an in-house communication channel for fluent communication between internal members and different teams in an organization.

We at Classic Informatics also use Slack to exchange information with each other.

Slack was launched in the year 2013 by four of its founders. After launching, Slack hired an outsourcing firm Metalab who takes complete responsibility for its development-website maintenance and logo design.

In July 2017, Slack outsource logo creation, website design, web and mobile applications to Metalab and earned a $250 million investment for a total valuation of $5 billion.

They have generated a lot of business for MetaLab. Also, they have built brand assets for start-ups like Coinbase and Finery and tech giants like Amazon and Google.

Presently, Slack crosses 5 million daily users.

Bottom line

If you are a startup entrepreneur and want to make your product a global brand, consider outsourcing beta testing. This will give you real insights into the changes your product should perform, what is working correctly and what is not before launching your product. Also, always think of choosing the best virtual assistant companies to help you do a better beta testing. This approach will give you the best business tool ever.

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Whatsapp: Cross-platform messaging app

All of you are well familiar with the social messaging app Whatsapp.

 Whatsapp started its business with a very small team with only 30 full-time and 5 part-time employees in their small office in Mountain view.


How did it make it one of the most popular chat apps worldwide?

After its launch, the app made up over 50 million downloads in just 3 years. After 2 years, in  2014, Facebook buys it for $19 billion.

The question is how Whatsapp experienced this much growth solely on their 35 person team.

Here is the answer to this question.

To keep operational costs down, Whatsapp founder outsourced development to developers in Russia for a fraction of the cost. As the business grew, some of the Russian developers were shifted to the US.

Bottom Line

 If you want to scale your business, but need to keep costs down, then go for outsourcing work and hire global talent. After achieving success, you can think about relocating your game changers to your home office.

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Alibaba: E-commerce Giant

When there is a debate on outsourcing topic, the first thing that comes to your mind of outsourcing to countries like India or China from the United States. But, that‘s not always the case!

Alibaba is just like the Amazon E-commerce portal where you can purchase all kinds of products you want.

Years back, Alibaba.com started as a small Internet company, and now it has developed into one of the world’s biggest global E-commerce websites.

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma outsourced the website development to a U.S. firm in its early days. Due to the shortage of development talent in his country, he decided to hire web developers from the U.S. Presently, the company still relies on outsourcing partners for production, but they’re mainly located in China.

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Bottom line

If startups want to expand their E-commerce business and want to see it grow just like Alibaba, then you should outsource your development domain to some reputed web development company just like us. 

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Google: Tech Giant

The tech giant, Google is a great example of performing excellent business operations and scaling successfully. It’s difficult to find a single person who doesn't know about Google and Google products.

Google employees enjoy all the perks provided. Google works hard to keep its in-house employees as well as outsourced employees happy.

Surprise to know that even Google outsources its project to others?

Yes, it’s true.

Google masters outsource everything from virtual assistant work, IT domain, software development and many more. They also outsource email support for Adwords. It is considered a top-grossing product.

Bottom Line

Even one of the largest companies Google outsources its work to remote employees. It all depends on the type of business and the requirements, whether you need outsourcing or not, what all are your priorities and your budget.

Acer: Largest PC Manufacturer

You all must have used Acer laptops and desktops in your offices and home. Acer is a Taiwan based PC company and the world’s largest PC manufacturer.

They have mastered branding and marketing domains, but they decided to outsource other fields such as manufacturing. This results in unexpected benefits enjoyed by Acer in sales and market share gains.

The Acer professionals knew very well that it was a good branding and marketing and they have made the right decision to go for outsourcing. That was an intelligent move by Acer to faster-growing sales and profits in market share.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to outsource your business operations, then you will get a chance to work with highly skilled professionals from all over the world. Your business will boost sales and growth as a result of outsourcing.

Well, it’s true that the global outsourcing market has gone through some drastic changes, but still, the industry continues to perform strongly. The IT outsourcing practices have to boom for more than 25 years.

Outsourcing not only boosts your sales but also provide you with a pool of highly skilled professionals from all over the world. There are many proven startup marketing ideas for which you can hire a remote inbound marketing agency. In a nutshell, outsourcing is a key ingredient of successful businesses - from ideation and development to launch and marketing.

The above mentioned amazing stories depict how one good decision can come up with immense success and development for business. Outsourcing should be strategic and deliberate.

According to the IBM study, merely about 27% of companies outsource work to reduce costs, whereas 36% are innovators and 37% are growth-lovers. So, it’s good to use outsourcing as one of the tools to optimize business.

 In my opinion, Outsourcing can be the one-stop solution for all startups to grow their business efficiently and to compete in this competitive global world. If you want to expand your startup business with a good number of experienced professionals having expertise in trending technologies, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you with all your software development-related problems.

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