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I always try my level best to keep up with the happenings of the web development trends, but I never seem to catch up with its pace since it’s a fast evolving one! Hardly a week goes by, and we’re hit with a new release.

My sole purpose in writing this article is to put together some of the best happenings that the web world saw in the last year and focus on what to expect in 2019.

Let’s take a look at it!

A Recap of 2018


We saw some significant improvements to web technologies past year. 2018 came with a native CSS grid, which was supported by substantial browsers; a big, big deal!

Something that also did great last year was the fact that mobile users cared way too much about page-load speed. This was even included in its algorithm rankings for search in Google. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project also continues to be quite popular.

Single Page Applications (SPAs) also gained vital importance in 2018. This was a simple concept that was made possible by the Javascript. So, what does the SPA do? It merely loads a page just once – so, no reloading or navigating to another page!

If you’re looking to see SPA in action, then you should visit websites like Facebook, Apple, and Gmail. This idea has been there for quite a while but has seen a lot of scope in the last year.

What’s New in 2019

Now, let’s discuss some of the new things to watch out for in 2019.

Progressive Web Apps

For many years now, Android and iOS have ruled the mobile app world. They have worked together as a duopoly and kept other platforms away from the competition.

However, 2019 will be entirely different, since it will be the year for progressive web apps. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load up like usual websites and web pages, but offer users some amazing functions like push notifications, device hardware access and also working offline.

So, in other words, these are applications that are built on we but can also be used on mobile phones for offline use as well.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is one of the best changes that we’re seeing happening right now with regards to applications and websites.

How does it work?

With serverless computing, you can deploy and write code without actually touching the infrastructure at all. For the ones that have used a website before would already know the time wasted in configuring support.

What’s right about serverless computing is that you pay your provider for only the computation that takes place. So let’s say, if your website has a down period, you would ideally have to spend less. But if your website suddenly is in demand and has a surge, then it’s quite easy to scale up.

Voice/Interactive Interfaces

With voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa storming the markets, it’s only natural for conversational interfaces to become more popular this year.

As users get more used to interacting with their voice, application development companies now look to give customers a seamless experience. So, now you can even ask your voice assistant to find and read out a news article for you, while you sit and relax on your sofa. How impressive is that!

Stronger JavaScript Ecosystem

This year, we’re looking towards a stronger JavaScript ecosystem too. React and Angular still stay way ahead of Vue, even when it comes to jobs. GraphQL has also grown considerably in the last two years and serves as a suitable replacement for REST APIs.

Single Page Websites

Single Page Websites are another big thing this year. Trying to minimize content on webpages to improve conversion rates is something that we’re going to see an increase this year.

One of the most significant advantages of single page websites is the simplicity that comes with it. There is no deep menu or complex navigation required when it comes to single page websites.

Since users tend to be on their mobile devices most of the time, the single page websites have proved to simplify things and is also inexpensive to develop as well.

Illustrations & Motion UI

Yes, the next big thing is illustrations and motion UI. Even the best-looking design can seem useless if it doesn’t give you the information you’re looking for, right?

So, working towards making things simple and straightforward, UI has now moved towards motion UI that works to keep your site simple, without those flashy advertisements that sometimes could get to a user.

Adding motion UI to your custom web development process will not only boost your user engagement but will also enhance the usability of your site too.

CMS Modules

Content Management Systems (CMS) are promising this year. CMS modules seem to be getting better with each passing day.

This is great for the ones who are not developers but are looking to have some control over their website. With CMS Modules, you do not have to depend on basic templates that have dominated the market for a long time. Going in for a modular design is a better option than using a template. Also, CMS Modules come with lower development costs as well when compared to a custom solution.

Web Development: Exciting Things Yet To Arrive


What's to expect in 2019_ Web development


Low Code Development

Low code development is the right approach to quicker ways to develop and deploy web developments. Low code development works wherein; web developers can develop excellent websites faster without the need for any coding expertise.

This year, you will see low code developments increasing, since they are the choice of most web development companies who are looking for better and faster ways to go about it.

Adaptive Designs

Most brands are now looking to display their websites on some different devices so that they could reach out to a broader audience. Hence, adaptive designs and new innovative ways will continue to be a trend in web development in the year to come.


Confidentiality breaches, data privacy infringement and data breaches are some of the concerns that most IT professionals have and this is the reason cybersecurity will continue to remain a top trend in web development shortly as well.

In addition to all of these key trends, we can also watch out for technologies like loT and AR since they are also gaining importance in the coming year. All of these leading trends are a mix of already existing and emerging technologies that are all set to open a wide range of opportunities for web developers. Wow! This year looks fantastic for us!


You can connect with us today to help you figure out which of these remarkable trends are best for your business. It’s always important to hire web developers who stay on top of these trends to always give you the best.

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