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JavaScript technologies, whether it’s a framework, a library or any run-time environment, are new-age, powerful & super-fast. Being a global JavaScript development company in India, we specialize in creating & optimizing single page web apps, web portals, Content Management Systems, custom plug-ins & dynamic enterprise grade websites using JavaScript. Our JavaScript development services cover all areas of your project from front-end to back-end. 

Full-service JavaScript

We do full service JavaScript design & development, right from planning, designing to testing & deployment & marketing. You wouldn’t need to go anywhere else when you take our JavaScript development services

Application Migration

We offer mission-critical JavaScript solutions such as application modernization, enhancements and performance tweaks so your old app is ready to kick some ass. Upgrade your old app and lead the market. 

Application Modernization

Be it moving from any other framework or recreation of an existing application in JavaScript , we do all. As a JS development company in India, we ensure consistent, scalable porting with top JavaScript standards.

JS Support & Maintenance

We build functional digital products and applications that bring value to your users. Further, we also support you throughout by keeping your app or portal in good shape with our maintenance & support. 

Our JavaScript Expertise Spectrum

We think long term and we think big. We don’t just develop products; we build scalable, tomorrow-proof solutions so you can grow, unhindered. Joining hands with our JavaScript development company ensures power-packed solutions. 


We offer JavaScript development services with the following frameworks. 

node development by JavaScript development company

Node.js Development

We leverage the power of rapid application development & deployment using NodeJS. We deliver cross-platform, fully-functional applications.

angular development by JavaScript development company

Angular Development

An MVW framework like no other. We build clean, lightweight and super responsive applications & products powered by Angular.

react development by JavaScript development company

React Development

We specialize in delivering future proof, super-scalable applications using React Framework (ReactJS + React Native).

ember-development-by-JavaScript development-company

Ember.js Development

Every JavaScript website/application need continuous care in order to operate smoothly. We do that for you. Minor tweaks to application upgrades; we do it all.

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Extended Team & Developers

Have specific requirements? Hire one of our expert developers or set up an entire team with us. They will work as you wish them to, in any project of your choice. Hire 1 to 25 developers based on your project & program needs. CTOs & Product Owners can easily extend teams with our experts to fill in short-term technology gaps or build long-term outsourced, cost-effective center of excellence.

  • On-demand devs & teams for fulfilling technology requirements
  • Expand skill-sets without raising infrastructure & hiring budget
  • Find developers & team that adapts to your work culture & processes
  • Find experts with a profound understanding of your business & project

Outsource Product Development

Want to develop a product? We help startups and enterprises with end-to-end product engineering from its ideation, prototyping, and development to its management, documentation, testing, and growth. We have teams and technologies to get your product out and transform your idea into a full-fledged reality. Share your idea and our project managers will get started with it.

  • Handpick members or get your product development fully managed
  • Seamless transition of project ad fluid collaboration
  • Fuel your product with the power of full-stack development
  • Participate in the project management as you like

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Supreme Quality
Each product we deliver goes through strict quality control. You don’t have to worry about quality, ever.
Seamless Communication
Our team members are open, collaborative & accessible. We make sure to address your queries fast, regardless of the time-zone.
Transparency & Accountability
We keep it transparent with our clients. You'll get a clear insight into all aspects of the work, scope & beyond.
Deep Tech Expertise
Our team members are constantly exploring and engaging new technologies to meet the growing needs of the customers.
Top-Tier Talent
Each Classic Informatics team member undergoes a rigorous selection process and is handpicked to serve.
Post-Release Support
Our services don’t stop at deployment. We provide seamless post-release support for your products.