8 Simple Steps To Achieve Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation has been changing the way companies are managed, products and services are delivered, and customer interactions take place.

“Transformations are hard and digital ones are harder. Having the right digital-savvy leaders in place — together with, building capabilities for the workforce of the future, as well as empowering & converse people to work in new ways and looking ahead are the keys to achieve it.”  Said Oliver Baker, Co-Founder of Intelivita, a leading  top digital transformation companies in the UK

A digital transformation can happen at different stages in the life cycle of your company. In this article, we will discuss how companies can transform themselves into digital space just in 8 steps.


So, let's get started,

  • Recognize The Need For Change

Many companies make the mistake of rushing for digitalization because they see that as a trend being followed by many other companies. As an entrepreneur, the first task is that you think and process the question that why you need this change in your company.

The need for change can be seen as a shift in the current state of affairs and a trend that has been happening for some time now. Change can mean a new vision of the future or it can mean different ways of doing the same old things.

Your main goal is to get everyone on the same page. The first step in any change process is to define the problem whereas the second step is to move towards its solution.

Consider that you are having a problem in making your services reach a larger number of audiences through traditional means. This makes you think that digital transformation can give your company exposure to a much larger audience as you will be able to attract an audience from social media and SERPs. This helps you recognize the need for transformation. No strategy is complete without knowing what it achieved for your brand. Therefore, it is important to measure the result yield by each digital marketing strategy you implement.


  • Evaluate Your Digital Capability

In the second step, a company must prepare a blueprint that should include how the company will leverage emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Big data analytics, machine learning, virtual reality (VR), robotics and so on to impact the business vision. 

Consider a few ways in which these technologies can be leveraged like 

  • IT infrastructure to support AI and machine learning projects.
  • Digital marketing tools to increase engagement with customers.
  • AI and machine lending tools to improve operational effectiveness.

But do know that not every company is going to be able to afford all of these tools at once. For example, a small business may not need a marketing automation system and choose to stick with social media as one of its primary promotional channels for branding purposes only.

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  • Estimating The Costs Of Updating Digital Capabilities

Estimating the costs of updating your digital capabilities can be tricky since it depends on the needs of your company and to what extent your company is transforming digitally. You might have to spend a large sum of money at the start which includes the initial costs of buying new equipment or software, setting up the work environment, and training staff on new tools.

The digital transformation reduces the cost in the long run as most of your processes will become automated, performed by software and tools.

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  • Build Up The Skills Of Your Employees

If your company is undergoing a digital transformation then you need to build up the skills of your employees and train them on how to use the new technologies like Mac snipping tool for their jobs. Offer them opportunities to learn about new technologies like how to use SaaS, through workshops or other training sessions.

You can offer online or in-person classes for ongoing skill development for early and quick results as well as develop a culture where learning is valued.  

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  •  Listen To Your Users

The main target of every company is to make their customers satisfied. Therefore, customer feedback is of utmost importance when you are transforming into a digital space. The business owner might love the website but maybe customers face many issues while using it. Therefore, users must be asked about their experience. 

You must ask them What do they expect from you? How is their experience? What changes should be made in your customer services? etc. and take the suggestions seriously. 

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  • Automate Processes

Automation is one of the benefits of digital transformation as humans aren't always fast enough. It is a must for businesses of all sizes. As the construction industry also embraces digital transformation, the adoption of technology, including Buildertrend, becomes paramount for enhancing efficiency and streamlining operations. Automation also helps your team to focus on more important things or explore exciting new ideas. 

Customer satisfaction is the goal and speed is a substantial factor in it. AI-based chatbots have automated communication in the digital world, providing users with good enough answers hence making the customer experience better.


  • Assess The Obstacles In Implementing Change 

There are some common obstacles that organizations might face when making a change and it’s important to understand them if you want to make the change successfully.

The most common obstacles are IT support or legal advice For example, if an organization wants to make a switch from using paper to using electronic records, they need to have workers trained on how to input information into computers and how to use various software applications. Similarly, when shifted to the digital world, many digital laws apply to companies that they must be aware of.

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  • Celebrate The Successful Digital Transformation!

Successful implementation of digital transformation is not just about making the switch from paper to digital. It's also about humanizing the process and taking a step back, to appreciate what's happening in the bigger picture.

Some of the best ways to celebrate the successful implementation of digital transformation are:

- Celebrating milestones that have been reached.

- Building an ecosystem for staff and customers.

- Reflecting on your journey.

In order for companies to successfully implement this transformation, they need a clear vision of what they want their company to be like in five years' time.

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