What Are Digital Experience Platforms?

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Today’s digital marketplace is in a state of transition with evolving state-of-the-art technologies, automated platforms, omnichannel enablement, personalized content, advanced analytics, and much more.

Modern businesses require a robust and scalable solution that can drive end-to-end personalized experience to delight customers while scaling efficiency and agility.

Businesses are now moving from becoming more digital to more customer-focused. With digitized strategies on board, you can engage your customers and deliver an impeccable omnichannel customer experience.

You have to be digital-minded and customer-centric to drive innovation and business growth across your organization.

Transitioning from digital-first to the customer first is imperative today. Every touchpoint of the customer’s journey should be unique, consistent, and smooth.

So, what will you do to achieve this?

The answer is Digital Experience Platforms or DXPs. Let’s explore why DXP matters a lot today and when you should start implementing it.

According to Gartner research, with DXP increasing, by 2021, more than 90% of global organizations will rely on system integrators and partners to create and execute their DX strategies.

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In Forester’s report on Now Tech: Digital Experience Platforms, Q2 2021”, DXP is a platform that provides the architectural foundation and modular services for developers and practitioners to create, orchestrate, and optimize digital journeys at scale — to drive loyalty and new commerce outcomes across owned and third-party channels.”

Digital Experience Platform is an enterprise software framework that targets a larger group of audiences through multiple channels. It helps businesses to meet the competitive needs undergoing digital transformation.

DXPs isn’t a single product; rather, it’s a suite of products that collaboratively work together to assist companies in delivering the best customer digital experience. Moreover, it helps businesses automate business operations, deliver connected customer experiences, and gather actionable insights.

They can use DXPs in developing, deploying, and upgrading their digital platforms, including websites, apps, portals, and other digital experiences.

According to a Salesforce report, a whopping 84% of customers say the experience of interacting with a company is just as important to them as the products and services the company provides.

Here listed some quick reasons why companies are heading towards DXPs.

  • Boost Customer loyalty and helps adhere to your brand.
  • Make consistent customer engagement at several touchpoints throughout the customer journey.
  • Get real customer insights and analyze customer behavior pattern
  • Helps improve customer interactions through omnichannel enablement
  • Improves business productivity and revenues

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Types Of DXPs

Here DXP is categorized into three use cases:


What all customers need today is the rich quality content on all the channels they interact with. And CMS DXPs help businesses focus on the marketing department’s needs and the platform’s user experience. CMS DXPs works well when your sales cycle is short and transactional, and audiences are large. 

These DXPs offer web-based analytics, user segmentation, advertising, and campaigns. With this kind of DXPs, you can add portal-like features, including logged-in experiences, commerce capabilities, and so on.

Portal DXPs

Portal DXPs are best suited for nurturing long-term customer relationships even after the transaction. It handles customer data safely and provides improved customer loyalty and retention. Portal DXPs support a broad feature set such as content management, targeted larger groups of audiences, workflows, and forms.

Commerce DXPs

These types of DXPs are used mainly for developing online eCommerce platforms. Commerce DXPs provides offerings like inventory management, shopping cart, payment integration, and checkouts.

It offers you a great digital retail experience that requires seamless integration to these functions. For instance, many commerce products need to add content management capability to boost the product promotion in the catalog.

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Benefits Of Digital Experience Platforms

With digital experience platforms, the companies can deliver their targeted audience a rich, consistent and personalized customer experience. Digital experience platforms provide agility and flexibility to your organization. DXP is an organized and scalable platform providing your businesses with advantages that includes:

  • Digital experience platform provides comprehensive touchpoint optimizations that boost customer interactions. 

  • DXPs facilitate real-time analytics to identify and analyze user requirements.

  • DXP helps businesses to adapt to changes leading to digital transformation.

  • DXP supports customizable workflows that can be easily upgraded or changed depending on the company’s requirements. 

  • They are highly used for efficient campaign management to increase productivity and optimize task parameters in terms of timeline and service. 

  • DXP facilitates omnichannel enablement of customer interactions throughout the customer journey.

It’s not surprising that the Global Digital Experience Platform Market continues to keep expanding every year, with expected to account for USD 27,698.83 Million by 2027.


Why Are Digital Experience Platforms Popular Today?

Digital Experience Platforms comes with both risks and opportunities for all sized and type of companies. They are evolving rapidly with customer-centric digital solutions to meet the continuous needs of the customers today. Big organizations use digital experience platforms as they provide their targeted audience with out-of-the-box experiences and valued content.

Given below are the reasons why most companies use Digital Experience Platform today.

Because It Facilitates Positive User Experience

To grow and scale your businesses, you are required to deliver a smooth and seamless user experience to satisfy your targeted audience’s needs.

Consumers demand a hassle-free and smooth digital customer experience whether they are exploring business websites, placing orders on mobile apps, connecting through social media, or any other platform.

Even a nanosecond delay during the customer interaction results in losing your customers.

DXPs provide you with all the tools to create and maintain a positive customer digital experience. They help you real insights into user behavior, purchase pattern, preferences, expectations, demands, etc.

Because It Delivers Customer Experience Through All Platforms And Devices

The origin of DXPs occurs due to the rise of complexity in the digital marketing ecosystem. The existing systems, including Content Management Systems (CMS) and Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions, have failed to cover these touchpoints.

Hence, DXP, a fully integrated software platform, provides seamless access to digital experiences through omnichannel platforms and devices. With this, you don’t require to rely on separate tools; DXPs can handle everything solely.

Because It Provides Streamlined Workflows and Automation

With DXPs onboard, streamlined workflows and process automation are one of the biggest advantages of the DXPs.

DXPs help you with the automation of workflows and forms. It assists users in creating, personalize forms, customize fields, and so on. Moreover, DXP provides you functionalities like fast and easy-to-use form creation, authentication, and validation. 

Because It Has Flexible Architecture

DXPs enables businesses with high levels of third-party tools/APIs integration due to their flexible and open-ended architecture.

With this, developers and marketers can make faster and independent changes in the development process and make improvements modular by deploying changes in a specific area without interrupting others.

Moreover, it enables users to manage advanced content management and publishing tasks without performing in-depth coding. DXPs are accelerating businesses to keep pace with the digital transformation evolving.

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Drupal CMS=Digital Experience+Digital Innovation

The continuous evolution of digital innovations today has led global business entrepreneurs to experience the power of Drupal and delivering an impeccable customer digital experience to their customers via omnichannel platforms. Drupal quickly and flexibly creates and manages personalized content across different channels and devices.

Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) that assists marketers and entrepreneurs in developing and managing websites, multichannel digital experiences, shopping experiences, and integrating a diverse digital marketing ecosystem.

You can build a fully functional, feature-packed, and optimized website that smoothly works on every device and integrates quickly with all marketing tools available. Here is why you should use Drupal CMS:

  • Content developed and published in minutes
  • Boost Operational Efficiency
  • Maintain uniformity and consistency while delivering customer experience
  • Use Single Code Base to manage multiple platforms
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Highly Secure, Flexible, and Scalable
  • Leads To Digital Innovation
  • Provide Automated Processes

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Concluding Lines

Creating just a digital customer experience is not sufficient. An impeccable, ever-lasting, and seamless experience is the need of the hour.

Just like an attractive and good-looking website or an app does not satisfy or engage your customers, you have reinvented and revolutionize things by keeping customers’ perspectives in mind.

Digital experience platforms have compelled businesses to explore new ways of driving personalized digital experiences, omnichannel enablement across the entire customer journey.

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