7 Proven Ways How CI/CD Improves App Development

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Continuous integration and continuous delivery, also known as CI/CD, can be one of the best techniques that you use in your business. Both help in providing continuous monitoring through the lifecycle of the app to make everything about the process more efficient.

When used well, CI/CD can help improve apps and make them even better. Developers will catch small issues with the code early on, without having to waste time looking through large chunks of code.

These techniques are also great at allowing transparency, making it easier to reach all release dates, and even reduce costs for the businesses that develop the apps. This is all done thanks to continuously checking the code and running tests when necessary.

There are so many ways that CI/CD can help to improve app development for your company. Let’s find out how. 

#1. Fewer Issues with Code Changes

Both CI and CD involve integrating small parts of the code each time. This makes it easier to test out the code in small bits rather than trying to handle all of the code at once.

In this method, continuous testing is carried out right when the developer adds some new code to the repository. Any problems are then found right after the new addition. This makes it easier to fix the potential problems in your software development because you know exactly where they are located.

With traditional coding, you may finish a large chunk of the code before doing any kind of testing. If there are errors, you have to search through many lines of code to figure out the problem and get it fixed. This takes a lot of time and is not efficient.


With a CI/CD pipeline, your code is tested often, sometimes after every few lines. When a problem happens, you will see exactly where that issue lies and can get it fixed.

#2. Fault Isolation

Since CI/CD allows you to limit the scope of any negative outcomes, it can reduce the risk of damage while making it easier to maintain your system. Fault isolation is very easy with CI/CD, which helps you to implement the necessary changes right away.

If a bug shows up in the code, the scope and damage are pretty limited within the application. CI/CD is also great at guarding against any sudden breakdowns and other issues since developers are able to isolate the fault before it ruins the entire system.

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#3. Reduces Your Mean Time to Resolution

The Mean Time to Resolution, or MTTR, is a measurement of the time it takes the developer to fix an issue in the code or to recover the system from a failure. Obviously, having a longer time here is never a good thing.

CI/CD is useful because it will reduce the average time it takes to repair or fix a feature. This is due to the fact that code changes are smaller and that any fault isolations are easier to detect using this method.

#4. Improve Test Reliability

Since the developer is testing smaller parts of the puzzle, and there are small and specific changes added to the system, you can carry out the testing more accurately. The continuous merging and releasing of the products will allow for continuous testing. This comes together to improve the quality and reliability.


#5. Faster App Releases

Many companies are finding that with the help of CI/CD, it is now easier to release an app faster. The issues and bugs in the system can be found and fixed faster than ever before. Since the whole process is faster, the releases of that app can come more often.

CI/CD is unique as it involves the continuous merging of codes along with the necessary testing and the deployment and development of the app. When all of this comes together, it ensures that the code is in the perfect state for release.

#6. More Transparency

CI/CD also helps the development team work together better. With these techniques, the whole team will know the exact progress of each part of the app, even the details of all test results.

Since the dedicated team is on the same page, they will work better together by having a clear picture of any changes. The team knows what has worked and what has failed, along with what still needs to be done within the app.

All of this makes the work go faster as well. Mistakes are fixed and the team will not need to go backward or get confused about the code. Transparency is so important when it comes to developing a new app and getting things done.

#7. Reducing the Costs

We have discussed some of the ways that CI/CD is able to help make the workflow smoother for developers. This is a fantastic thing for any company that needs to provide a good workspace for their developers and those who want to get the app released faster.

However, CI/CD is a great tool to use to reduce the costs of developing a new app. Since these techniques are able to involve automated testing of the smaller bits of code, the issues are detected right away, which saves time and money.

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Since the developers are able to work with one another and speed up the app development process, it takes less time to make a new app. This can cut down on costs too.

Making an App with CI/CD

There are different methods to build the app that you want, but using CI/CD is one of the most effective. It helps to reduce costs, reduce errors, and speed up the app development process, all of which will help you to get results faster and more efficiently.

If you are also looking for an app development company to transform your startup app idea into a fully functional future-ready app, Classic Informatics is here to help. We have assisted several startups, SMEs, enterprises, and digital product companies build their apps. Be it a hybrid app, cross-platform app, native app, or any other type of mobile or web application, we are experienced in building the same. 

Being agile practitioners, we follow the same cycle of continuous integration and continuous delivery in every product development that we undertake. We ensure that the product, software, or app that we build is flawless and is built to suit each requirement of the client and its target audience. 

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