Content is the core of everything.

We understand and value it. And this is why we've been building and sharing our knowledge base with readers who are looking for quality content. Curated to fit what our target audiences are actually asking for.

Now, even you can contribute to our knowledge base as a guest author!

But before you go ahead and email us with your idea, we would like to share our content guidelines and other factors that would be very crucial to determine your selection.


1. Who can write for us?

Literally anyone with the skills and experience to quality pieces that resonate with us.

Freelancers or experienced writers or first-timers, we are not choosy at all.

But, we are choosy with the ideas and experiences that float through us. Make sure you have done your research going through our blog to come up with unique and interesting ideas.

We are focusing on ideas because we don't accept full pieces up front - there's an entire editorial process we'll be following to make sure the post is good (and something you'll be proud of later!). 

You can apply for both as a one-off writer and a regular guest author for us. The latter will totally depend on the quality of the content received and the number of revisions involved. If that's the case, we'd be happy to have you submit pieces every second month. 


2. Who are we writing for?

Our blogs and pieces are written for entrepreneurs, CTOs, CXOs and managers who are looking for resources to manage their team and solutions.

Remember, we do NOT write for web developers and for people who are learning technologies, so topics around it will be automatically rejected.


3. What type of articles do we publish?

We write a variety of pieces around topics like product development, new tech, agile working, remote development, digital experiences, and more. Here are some of the types we work on:

  • In-depth articles
    Long-ish pieces that talk about the topic selected in detail. It includes using statistics, stories around it, technology selection, comparisons, challenges/tips and more.
  • Industry trends 
    Latest product and development trends and technologies involved with the industries we cater to, i.e. healthcare, financial services, SaaS, government, digital economy, logistics and more.
  • Ultimate guides
    Full-fledged guides written for CTOs, CXOs, CEOs around the problems we solve and the stuff they are looking for.
4. Content guidelines

While the length of the pieces might differ with the type of content you are wishing to write for us, we typically look for a minimum of 1000 words.

Apart from this, we have a set of rules and suggestions our editorial team follows while creating a knowledge piece for Classic Informatics Blog and we wish for you to follow the same.

First of all, our content style:

  • Tone: Semi-formal - conversational - light-hearted - easy to read - stuff any person (technical or non-technical) would like to go through. Tell a story.
  • Swift reading: Content that is easy to eyes & mind. Shorter sentences. Bullet points. A lot of white space.
  • In-depth stuff: If we take up any topic, we try to provide as much info as we can. This gives authority to our post.
  • References: Using a lot of first-party, authority sites as references. 

We would love to have expert article ideas from you around the base topics we work on (mentioned in 3. What type of content do we publish?). And after that, we would request you to share an in-depth outline of what we can expect as the end piece.

The framework/outline must include the following:

  • Introduction - Crisp, around ~80 w
  • Pain point - Bullet points discussing the pain points of the <topic>
  • Solution or how we help (indirect) - Mostly bullets
  • Key Takeaway - Summarize the post in bullet points
  • Closing Words - Short (50-60 w)

Again, our focus is on quality articles that flow well. Disconnected stuff with redundant information will be rejected. Make sure to use data, stats and examples to amplify your work.

Some example posts for you to get an idea of the topic, quality and format of stuff we publish:

5. What's in for you?

This is a win-win situation - you get to share your ideas and we get quality pieces.

  • Being a regular contributor:  Based on the performance and the quality of your initial writeup, you might be called in for more!
  • Shorter publishing duration: We might take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to publish the end pieces!
  • Promotion via our social platforms: All articles will be promoted via our official social media sites. You are free to promote on your own too!
6. What's next?

if all the above pointers resonate with you, go ahead and share your amazing ideas with us on editorial@classicinformatics.comWe are excited to see you in our inbox!


Good luck!