A Guide to Choosing A Dedicated Web Development Team

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Behind the success of any digital product is a team working dedicatedly on building the same with unfettered attention. But it’s never easy to build a dedicated web development team, considering you have to hire a fully remote team. However, considering the popularity that this approach has gained, a large number of companies are now choosing a dedicated development team over building an in-house team. 

So, how do you hire web development team? Before finding an answer to this, let’s understand the benefits of building a dedicated team, where you can find them, and how to build a successful team. 

Benefits Of Building Dedicated Web Development Team

There are several reasons why so many companies have adopted the dedicated development team approach, It is usually because of the benefits that this approach offers. Here are some of the benefits that even you can have if you choose to build a dedicated team over setting up an in-house team. 

  • You have a team that works dedicatedly on your project. All their time is devoted to working on your web development. 

  • When you hire remote developers for your dedicated team, you get undivided attention to your project and you have complete control over their workflow.

  • You have control over managing the tasks of the developers, monitoring their progress, and cross-checking it with the roadmap. 

  • You need not worry about other commitments of the team or distractions with other projects as they will work specifically for you. 

  • You have complete control over the extent of involvement you are looking for from the remote team. 

  • You can find a team that is specifically built to fit your project needs. You also have the freedom to easily scale the dedicated remote team up or down when required. 

  • There is little to no need for training when hiring remote teams. The majority of the developers working with offshore web development companies have experience of working on several projects. 

  • Dedicated remote teams help save HR costs as you can usually consult a web development company offering outsourcing services and get a fully managed dedicated web development team. 


Approaches To Hiring Dedicated Web Development Teams

There are three different approaches for companies planning to build their dedicated teams for web development. Now, there can be three scenarios for companies:

  • They would want a complete team for web development
  • They would want some technology experts as an extension to their existing in-house development team

  • They would want someone for face-to-face interaction when working with the offshore team

As per the requirements, one can take three different approaches to build their dedicated web development team. 

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Build Complete Remote Web Development Team

For startups and small or medium businesses, the best way to build a website, web app, or any other digital product is to build an external team. It is not just cost-effective but also saves a lot of time. 

In such a case, you start searching for offshore web development companies that offer complete teams for development. Here, you provide the company with your requirements and they provide a list of handpicked candidates. You can choose from the list and interview the ones you feel are the best. You get project managers, mid-level, senior, or junior developers, quality engineers, UI/UX designers, BI experts, and others. The benefits of building a complete dedicated remote team are:

  • All the members of your web project are from the same company and work dedicatedly on your project

  • Faster turnaround time for the completion of your project and the launch

  • Easy to manage the team as you are usually in contact with the project manager who manages the complete team

  • Eliminated costs around office space, training, hiring, etc., as you get complete team set-up

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  • Higher collaboration as the entire team sits in one location and has better communication with each other

  • Complete flexibility in scaling the team up or down

Hire Experts As An Extension To Your In-House Team

Many companies have some part of their development team sitting in-house. But they lack certain technical expertise. You can hire a single developer or fill in your development team requirements of any type of expert. This could be a SCRUM master, QA analyst, BI expert, technology expert, designer, or anyone else. The in-house development team and the remote teams work closely on the same project in this model. 

Here, you start with writing a targeted job description that best describes all the skills and technical knowledge that you require. There are several places where you can look for remote developers. Some of the benefits of building an extended development team are:

  • Complete control over the team
  • Constant and direct communication with the development teams
  • You bridge any skill gap in your development team 
  • There’s an international talent pool to choose your team members from
  • Complete flexibility of building, monitoring, and managing the development team
  • Fill any skill gap whenever required

Hybrid Approach With On-site Account Manager

Another approach gaining popularity is the hybrid approach. Here, you have the complete web development team sitting in an offshore location. However, the key difference is that you have an accounts manager or project manager in your location. The account manager acts as the point of contact and gets your web development project completed by experts. The main benefit is for companies that hesitate in joining hands with offshore teams or want some face-to-face interaction. 

You have a person with whom you can sit and discuss all the requirements. They will, in turn, build a completely dedicated team for your project. That team would be sitting in an offshore location and working dedicatedly for you. Benefits of the hybrid model are;

  • Saving on costs while enjoying the collaboration like on-site
  • Face to face interaction for smoother interaction and collaboration
  • Experts from across the globe working on your project

Where To Find The Dedicated Team?

When it comes to building a software team, the first thing that most companies concern with is the place where they can find the team. Many think about setting up an in-house team through their HR staff or even getting a complete team of software developers, project managers, designers, and others from freelance sites. However, there are different platforms from where you can spot the right talent. 

Offshore Web Development Companies

When building a dedicated web development team, the easiest and time-savvy way is to join hands with an offshore web development company. There are several directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, TheManifest, etc., where you can look for such companies. Apart from that, you can google ‘top web development companies in <location>” to find a list. Such companies have complete development teams and an IT department to take care of all your web development needs. You can hire developers, designers, quality engineers, project managers, engineers, tech experts, etc., to build your own team or an extension of in-house. 

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Freelance Platforms

There are several freelance platforms where one can go ahead and hire developers to build their own dedicated team. However, this could be time-consuming, When you consult a company for your dedicated team requirement, you get handpicked developers from them. Here, you need to look for each member of the team separately, which increases the time spent as well as the costs of hiring. But if you are looking for some technical support or one or two tech talent, you can always go to the freelance job portals like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, etc., to find talent. 

How To Build The Dedicated Development Team?

When building dedicated development teams, it is crucial that you take the right steps for effective development. Once you have decided to hire a remote dedicated team or an extended team, here are some things to keep in mind before hiring. 

#1. Hire Right Candidate/Company

The most important tip to building a dedicated web development team is to hire the right talent or find the right company. The people working for you will build your company. So, it’s imperative you invest in hiring the right talent. Make sure you have conducted thorough research before you hire remote teams. Be a part of the recruitment process and interview the members individually before building the team. 

#2. Be Clear About The Roles

Clarity is important for any task. And when you are working with remote teams, clarifying everything at the onset is crucial. You need to be clear about the roles and expectations you have with each team member. They should be conveyed upfront about any specific project needs, limitation on your end challenging part of the project, tech requirement, etc. so that neither they nor you have any unfulfilled expectations. 

#3. Maintain Single Point Of Contact

Miscommunication, unsaid assumptions, and missed messages could be the biggest reasons why so many outsourcing projects fail. However, by maintaining a single point of contact, you can eliminate this drawback. This means you have a single person, be it the SCRUM master or the project manager, or the accounts manager with whom you share your project requirements. They handle the team and get everything done from them. You also get a lot of management experience from hiring a manager for your project which would solve the majority of your team’s issues as well. 

#4. Set Clear Communication Channels

The next important step is to set clear communication channels. Communication is deemed as the biggest challenge in working with remote teams. However, with the right communication and remote working tools, one can be sure to avoid any type of miscommunication. You can also set what channels to use for project management, collaboration, general communication, etc. In our experience, 

  • Basecamp & Jira work great for project collaboration & management
  • Slack channels are great for day-to-day communication 
  • Gmails can be used for any type of urgent communication
  • Slack group calls or Google calls can be used for daily scrum meetings
  • Zoom could be great for conference calls with larger teams

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#5. Continue Collaboration

Many companies make the mistake of not collaborating with the dedicated team once they have handed out the requirements. Even if you seek zero involvement in the development phase, make sure to monitor the signs of progress at the end of each sprint. Sync-up with the team and make yourself available for the team in case they have any issues. Treat them like an in-house team when it comes to collaboration. 

#6. Have A Thorough Screening Process

Many companies tend to go lenient when hiring remote teams. They do not take as much effort in screening the candidates as they would for in-house hiring. However, this can be a major mistake. It is essential that you have a thorough screening process while hiring. Make sure to go through the resume of the remote team, the technical expertise, and have a technical test as well if required. You can even get a small test project for the team to work on before handling the bigger project. 

#7. Qualities To Look For In Your Team Members

Choosing a dedicated web development team is all about the people that you hire in it. A team is always made of its team players and you need to ensure that the team you build has the qualities you will look for in your in-house team as well. Apart from the technical expertise and knowledge on resume, here are some qualities you should look for:

  • Team Players: This is an important quality as every person in the dedicated team should be a team player and take any project as a project of the team. They should know how to work as a team to solve any problem faced by anyone. 

  • Skillset: This is a given that you should look at the skillset of the team members. They should have all the required technical skills that would make them fit for the web development project. 

  • Communication: When working with dedicated teams in an offshore location, communication could be a challenge. Make sure that the people you hire are easy to communicate with. You do not want to be stuck with a team where you cannot express yourself clearly or that cannot interpret what you want to say.  

  • Motivation Level: The individuals that you hire should also be self-motivated. With them working in a different location, they should not be in need to be micromanaged. They should be able to make technical decisions on their own so that they can get the work done faster. 

Why Hire Dedicated Development Team From Classic Informatics?

Classic Informatics is a leading web development company offering dedicated teams as well as developers as an extension to in-house teams. If you are planning to hire a dedicated web development team, here are some reasons why you should choose Classic Informatics:

  • You get a team of experts with extensive experience in web development

  • You get complete technical expertise supported by business analysts and QA engineers 

  • You get a full technology stack with the latest versions of frameworks and programming languages

  • You cut down on the costs of building an in-house team, which could mean added infrastructure cost, higher salary, paid benefits, etc.

  • You get complete control over the team and the members

  • You have project managers as the point of contact that ensure zero miscommunication while letting the developers work on the technical stuff. However, you can also contact the developer whenever you want to. 

  • You get complete security of your IP with a signed NDA in the outsourcing contract.

Build Your Dedicated Web Development Team Now

Building a dedicated development team is a decision that can help any company cut costs as well as time while getting better quality codes. You hire an offshore team of developers, programmers, engineers, quality analysts, BI experts, project managers, etc., to get your project developed. 

At Classic Informatics, we have over 300 tech talent who can help take your project to the next level. You can share your requirements or the web idea with us and we can share the candidates best fit for it. We even make new hiring if you have some technical specifications to make sure your project does not have to compromise. With Classic Informatics, you get innovation and continuous excellence through a team that is totally dedicated to building exceptional digital products. 

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